State Auditor says TxDOT's use of the State's aircraft not cost effective

An Audit Report on Flight Services Provided by the Department of Transportation’s Aviation Division Flight Services Section< br />
September 2006

Report Number 07-001

Overall Conclusion

The Department of Transportation (Department) is not operating the state fleet of aircraft in a cost-effective manner. Current hourly rates charged for interagency flight services and other revenue earned by flight services are not sufficient to cover costs incurred by the Department’s Aviation Division Flight Services Section. The State Auditor’s Office estimated that the total loss incurred from providing state-operated flights in fiscal year 2006 was $972,441.

In addition, auditors could not determine whether the Flight Services Section always complies with applicable statutes, state rules and regulations, and policies and procedures. We could not make this determination because the Flight Services Section does not always receive or require adequate information from the state agencies and higher education institutions that use its services.

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