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Focus: Toll Roads

Web Posted: 03/06/2006 12:00 AM CST

San Antonio Express-News

Thanks for plan critique

Congratulations to Terri Hall for criticizing the proposed toll roads and San Antonio transportation plans (“Toll road foe has her say,” Feb. 24).

First, the suggestion that the toll road plans aren’t congestion relief but congestion manipulation for profit rings true for many who call San Antonio home.

Second, I couldn’t agree more with the letter “Stop playing with our money” (Feb. 26). There is more than one thing wrong with an increase in our gas tax to pay for toll roads. We already pay taxes for streets, and look what we have: A U.S. 281/Loop 410 interchange or lack thereof and an increase from one to two lanes on Loop 1604 and still too much traffic congestion.

Surely, something besides the major construction that we will have to endure on an already overcrowded road can produce much more efficient solutions.

– Sonya Harvey

Appointees one-sided

I would like to cheer on the San Antonio Toll Party and Terri Hall for stopping (temporarily) the conversion of the already-paid-for U.S. 281 north of Loop 1604 and taking the time to speak out against the conversion of existing highways with Transportation Commissioner (appointee) Ric Williamson (who is for tolling existing highways).

Most people do not realize just how many existing highways this appointee wants to convert … without a public vote. This should be criminal, shouldn’t it?

Converting existing highways, without a public vote and claiming our alternative free route is the access roads, but with much slower speed limits and with all the stoplights, stop signs and yield signs. Ha! That is not free. That’s one-sided thinking.

But that’s what you’re more apt to get when officials are appointed — like Williamson, the San Antonio Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Alamo Regional Mobility Authority. All are appointed and for the conversion of existing highways into toll roads without a public vote … without your vote.

Thank you, Terri Hall, for informing us on this double-taxation plan of Gov. Rick Perry to convert existing, paid-for highways (Interstate 35, U.S. 281 North, Loop 1604, Wurzbach Parkway, Bandera Road and many more) into toll roads.

– Michael L. Maurer Sr.,
Spring Branch

Look into alternatives

The article “Toll road foe has her say” really got my dander up. The Transportation Commission, San Antonio leaders and Texas Department of Transportation are not interested in why toll roads aren’t necessary. They have already determined what is required. The only purpose of these meetings is to push their agenda.

Their cavalier attitude is very apparent. (How can we ordinary citizens know anything about these complicated issues?) The citizens who will be most affected by toll roads are too busy trying to earn a living to attend these meetings.

I was also amazed at the large group of highway engineers and other promoters at the meeting. Why aren’t they looking into alternative solutions to congestion or, better yet, access roads and overpasses?

Regarding Joe Krier’s remark about “baloney,” I wonder if he’s familiar with the proverb “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

I’m with you, Terri Hall, but I think you are wasting your time talking to toll road proponents. By the way, I’m not a disgruntled Democrat. On most issues, I’m pretty conservative.

– John T. Elliot,
Canyon Lake