Famous SR 91 toll road in CA raises price to $8.50 ONE WAY on 10 mile toll road!

Read it in Toll Road News here.

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Toll Road News
California’s 91XL max tolls going to 85c/mile
Top toll rates on the 91 Express Lanes (91XL) in California are going to $8.50 for the 10-mile trip 27 Feb 2006. The new high tolls apply 4pm to 6pm Thursdays and 3pm to 4pm eastbound Fridays. The new top toll rates are a 75c advance on the high tolls in effect since 29 Aug 2005. $7.75 high tolls have applied for two hours Thursdays and two hours Fridays eastbound the past seven months. Friday toll rates eastbound 4pm to 6pm remain the same in the new schedule, but the 3pm to 4pm toll jumps 75c.

One of our supporters calculated that revenues on this toll road were up 19% over the previous year. Let’s ponder the purpose of toll roads, congestion relief or profit? How about congestion manipulation for profit!