Glossary of Toll Terms

The Language of Traffic The ability to understand the Language of Traffic is necessary for those who wish to engage in rigorous, productive discussions of transportation impacts and policies. For purposes of this article, the Language of Traffic is the terms and definitions that transportation professionals use to analyze, project and describe traffic. At times, this technical terminology can seem like a totally different language. Read more…

CDA – Comprehensive Development Agreement, public –private partnerships that amount to selling ownership of our public assets to private, even foreign, companies for up to 50 years (perhaps longer based on news reports). Private companies negotiate for the control of toll rates and the non-toll lanes(to slow speed limits or increase time at traffic signals) to ensure they make enough profit from the toll roads. It isn’t enough for these highway interests to just bid to build the roads, now they want to control them and exclusively profit off of the taxpayers for up to 50 years per contract WITHOUT COMPETITION!

Cintra – A Spanish-based consortium who was awarded the first leg of the Trans Texas Corridor that parallels I-35 and the bid to build the San Antonio toll starter system on 281 and Loop 1604. Partners with Zachry. Cintra recently purchased a Houston-based construction company, Webber Group, in order to appear more “American” for future highway bids.

Macquarie – Bidder on San Antonio toll starter system and 121 in Collin/Denton Counties. They are partners with Cintra on the Ontario Toll Project disaster up in Canada. Read about their standard operating procedures using secret public-private partnerships like Cintra to gain a monopoly on our public highways for up to 99 years here.

MPO – Metropolitan Planning Organization – established by the federal government to guide where federal gas tax dollars get allocated locally. The Federal Transportation Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21) and its predecessor [Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (ISTEA)], established the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for San Antonio-Bexar County. TEA-21 states that the MPO should have local elected officials, representatives of major transit authorities, airports, rail and ports and appropriate state officials.

Pass Through Financing – Also known as shadow tolling in the toll road industry. A local entity, like a city and/or county, pays for the road project and the Department of Transportation pays the local entities back based on the number of cars that “pass through” equipment which counts the number of cars (basically like tolling). The problem with this approach is that local gvernment has to use its tax money, like property tax, to pay for improvements to STATE highways. We already pay numerous fees for highways, not the least of which is the gas tax. This is another way the State is abdicating its role and responsibility to build and maintain our State highways.

Prop 15 – Mobility Fund/Toll Equity Act of 2001 that appeared on the November 6, 2001 ballot: “The constitutional amendment creating the Texas Mobility Fund and authorizing grants and loans of money and issuance of obligations for financing the construction, reconstruction, acquisition, operation, and expansion of state highways, turnpikes, toll roads, toll bridges, and other mobility projects.” The voters passed this with 67% of the vote, and it was sold to them as allowing TxDOT to borrow future gas tax revenues in order to speed up highway projects (versus simply pay as you go funding). Nowhere is a toll only mandate mentioned in that proposition.

Prop 1- PASSED Nov 8, 2005 – Prop 1 passed on November 8. We need to be alert and watching the Legislature for selling bonds to subsidize profitable private rail companies at our expense. The Prop 1 rail fund was the same voter trick as Prop 15 from 2001, except this time it’s about the public subsidizing rail.__Prop 1 allows an open ended corporate subsidy. Taxpayers will pay unlimited tax dollars to move private corporation rail lines into the Trans Texas Corridor after Gov. Perry promised no public funds would be used.__The state DEBT commitment would also be open-ended, with no limit on the amount of state bonds that could be issued from this new fund. By amending the Constitution to authorize the creation of this fund, the state will commit itself to massive debt for generations. Private corporations will profit from this taxpayer giveaway that help the controversial Trans Texas Corridor move forward. See TxDOT’s own admission that their rail plan includes the Trans Texas Corridor (see page 3 of actual document, page 7 of PDF).The railroad industry no longer is state-regulated, and state government should not involve itself in that industry’s investment decisions.__The ballot language does not advise the voter of the that it’s a special interest fund that the taxpayer pays for and private corporations profit from. It is a blank check and unlimited debt. We’ll be monitoring this in the Legislature!

Prop 9 – DEFEATED on Nov 8 ballot – Proposition 9 would have allowed unelected, unaccountable Tolling Authority board members to have extended term limits. Current 2 year term limits would have expanded to 6 years for Regional Mobility Authorities. These appointed people are allowed to privatize and toll our freeways – they will set the toll rates for roads we’ve already paid for.__A two-year term of office requires more frequent assessments of the board members job performance. Six-year terms are not necessary to carry out the functions of the authority since the staff or employees of an authority would do so regardless of the length of the directors’ terms.__Comptroller of Texas has reported the RMAs create “Double taxation without accountability”, and that the RMA’s loose management practices cost all Texans more. NOT surprisingly, Comptroller also found favoritism and self-enrichment as board members gave contracts (without bids) to their friends and their own companies. RMA boards will now be required to abide by the standard provided in the Constitution that limits the terms of members of such boards to two years.

RMA – Regional Mobility Authorities, unelected mini-TxDOT’s established by the Legislature in HB 3588. Each county commissioner appoints one member, the county judge appoints 3 members, and the Governor appoints the Chair. The essentially manage toll projects, collect tolls, and arrange for the sale of bonds for road projects.

HB 3588 passed in the 2003 legislative session – Law that established the Trans Texas Corridor, proliferation of toll roads, RMAs, and the transfer of highway funds from the general revenue fund into a mobility fund that TxDOT can allocate at will for useless things like “reviewing” a private contract (or CDA) for a year. The Alamo RMA took advantage of these funds to do just that to the tune of $1 million! So much for tolls speeding up highway projects!

HB 2702 Omnibus Highway Bill from 2005 legislative session – Elected officials hide behind this saying, “it prohibits the conversion of existing highways into tollways without a vote of the people.” But it has so many loopholes, it’s useless against highway robbery, and, in fact, empowers the Transportation Commission with sole discretion over converting existing highways into tollways.

SB 792 Private Toll Moratorium Bill/Replaces traditional turnpikes with “market valuation” – A SELL OUT!
SB 792 began as a county powers bill allowing local tolling entities to have primacy on all toll projects (taking the reins from TxDOT). It was then used as a vehicle to move a private toll moratorium past the House Transportation Committee whose Chairman bottled-up the moratorium bill. The Governor vetoed the PEOPLE’S moratorium bill, HB 1892, and instead got enough senators to “cave” to move a “compromise” bill using SB 792. Not only did the bill severely gut the moratorium allowing too many exceptions, it slipped in “market valuation” which never even had a public debate.

This never before heard of approach to tolling will change the face of our public highway system into an oppressively high, unbridled new toll tax system segregating those who cannot afford tolls from the efficient travel they enjoy today. Market-based tolls through our PUBLIC tolling entities gives government and bond buyers the pot of money and taking out what they view as the greatest obstacle, the foreign management of our public assets. By allowing the public toll entities to, in effect, do the same kind of financing as the private partner AND keep the pot of money, this new shift to market-based tolls will be difficult to strip away from tax and spend governments.

SB 792 passed by the Texas Legislature in 2007 replaced ALL traditional turnpikes and unleashed the highest possible tolls under a new model called, “market valuation.” Market values cannot be applied ot a monopoly, so the term on its face is misleading. Nonetheless, the Governor and Legislature figured out a way to apply the same controversial financing to PUBLIC tolling entities as is used in a private equity model; it’s called “market-based” tolls. The law requires ALL toll projects to undergo an “independent” third party appraisal (by a Goldman Sachs, for instance) to determine the “market value” of a proposed tollway, then have the toll authority float bonds for that pre-determined up front fee (just like the concession fees in private equity deals), and lastly, the tolling entity will charge a toll rate that is no longer based on what it costs to actually build the road, but on “whatever the market will bear.”

This means the highest possible taxation and, essentially, toll rates without limit. We’re already seeing toll rates as high as $1.50 a mile on 183 in Austin! So, in effect, we’ll be charged the same oppressively high tolls as if a company like Cintra were doing it! Surely this unbridled taxation will become a model nationwide. Read more here.

Zachry American Infrastructure – San Antonio-based construction company who was awarded the first leg of the Trans Texas Corridor that parallels I-35 and the bid to build the San Antonio toll starter system on 281 and Loop 1604. Partners with Cintra.

Portion of HB 2702 that addresses converting existing highways into toll roads –
SECTION 2.36. Chapter 228, Transportation Code, is amended
Except as provided by Section 228.2015, the department may not
operate a nontolled state highway or a segment of a nontolled state
highway as a toll project, and may not transfer a highway or segment
to another entity for operation as a toll project, unless: (1) the commission by order designated the highway or
segment as a toll project before the contract to construct the
highway or segment was awarded; (2) the highway or segment was open to traffic as a
turnpike project on or before September 1, 2005; (3) the project was designated as a toll project in a
plan or program of a metropolitan planning organization on or
before September 1, 2005; (4) the highway or segment is reconstructed so that
the number of nontolled lanes on the highway or segment is greater
than or equal to the number in existence before the reconstruction; (5) a facility is constructed adjacent to the highway
or segment so that the number of nontolled lanes on the converted
highway or segment and the adjacent facility together is greater
than or equal to the number in existence on the converted highway or
segment before the conversion; or (6) the commission converts the highway or segment to
a toll facility by: (A) making the determination required by Section
228.202; (B) conducting the hearing required by Section
228.203; and (C) obtaining county and voter approval as
required by Sections 228.207 and 228.208. Sec. 228.2015. LIMITATION TRANSITION. (a) Notwithstanding
Section 228.201, the department may operate a nontolled state
highway or a segment of a nontolled state highway as a toll project
if: (1) a construction contract was awarded for the
highway or segment before September 1, 2005; (2) the highway or segment had not at any time before
September 1, 2005, been open to traffic; and (3) the commission designated the highway or segment
as a toll project before the earlier of: (A) the date the highway or segment is opened to
traffic; or (B) September 1, 2005. (b) This section expires September 1, 2006. SECTION 2.37. Section 362.0041, Transportation Code, is
transferred to Subchapter E, Chapter 228, Transportation Code,
redesignated as Sections 228.202-228.208, and amended to read as
Sec. 228.202 [362.0041 ]. COMMISSION DETERMINATION [CONVERSION OF PROJECTS ]. The [(a) Except as provided in
Subsections (d) and (g), the ] commission may by order convert a nontolled state highway or a segment of a nontolled state highway [the free state highway system ] to a toll project [facility ] if it
determines that the conversion will improve overall mobility in the
region or is the most feasible and economic means to accomplish
necessary expansion, improvements, or extensions to that segment of
the state highway system. Sec. 228.203. PUBLIC HEARING. [(b) ] Prior to converting a state highway or a segment of a[the ] state highway [ system ] under
this subchapter [section ], the commission shall conduct a public
hearing for the purpose of receiving comments from interested
persons concerning the proposed conversion [transfer ]. Notice of
the hearing shall be published in the Texas Register, one or more
newspapers of general circulation, and a newspaper, if any,
published in the county or counties in which the involved highway is
located. Sec. 228.204. RULES. [(c) ] The commission shall adopt
rules implementing this subchapter [section ], including criteria
and guidelines for the approval of a conversion of a highway. Sec. 228.205. QUEEN ISABELLA CAUSEWAY. [(d) ] The
commission may not convert the Queen Isabella Causeway in Cameron
County to a toll project [facility ]. Sec. 228.206. TOLL REVENUE. [(e) Subchapter G, Chapter
361, applies to a highway converted to a toll facility under this
section. [(f) ] Toll revenue collected under this section:
(1) shall be deposited in the state highway fund;
(2) may be used by the department to finance the
improvement, extension, expansion, or operation of the converted
segment of highway and may not be collected except for those
purposes; and
(3) is exempt from the application of Section 403.095,
Government Code. Sec. 228.207. COUNTY AND VOTER APPROVAL. [(g) ] The
commission may only convert a state highway or a segment of a[the ]
state highway [ system ] under this subchapter [section ] if the
conversion is approved by : (1) the commissioners court of each county within
which the highway or segment is located ; and (2) the qualified voters who vote in an election under
Section 228.208 and who reside in the limits of: (A) a county if any part of the highway or segment
to be converted is located in an unincorporated area of the county;
or (B) a municipality in which the highway or
segment to be converted is wholly located .Sec. 228.208. ELECTION TO APPROVE CONVERSION. (a) If
notified by the department of the proposed conversion of a highway
or segment under this subchapter, and after approval of the
conversion by the appropriate commissioners courts as required by
Section 228.207(1), the commissioners court of each county
described by Section 228.207(2)(A) or the governing body of a
municipality described by Section 228.207(2)(B), as applicable,
shall call an election for the approval or disapproval of the
conversion. (b) If a county or municipality orders an election, the
county or municipality shall publish notice of the election in a
newspaper of general circulation published in the county or
municipality at least once each week for three consecutive weeks,
with the first publication occurring at least 21 days before the
date of the election. (c) An order or resolution ordering an election and the
election notice required by Subsection (b) must show, in addition
to the requirements of the Election Code, the location of each
polling place and the hours that the polls will be open. (d) The proposition submitted in the election must
distinctly state the highway or segment proposed to be converted
and the limits of that highway or segment. (e) At an election ordered under this section, the ballots
shall be printed to permit voting for or against the proposition:
“The conversion of (highway) from (beginning location) to (ending
location) to a toll project.” (f) A proposed conversion is approved only if it is approved
by a majority of the votes cast. (g) A notice of the election and a certified copy of the
order canvassing the election results shall be sent to the

17 Replies to “Glossary of Toll Terms”

  1. Jeannon Kralj

    I thank you for your glossary. However, I find that it does not go deep enough. I wanted to research how the Governor and other state officials moved money around from one state fund to another in their prelimary scam planning for HB 3588, and I do not find detail on that anywhere.

    There was much moving of funds from Central Texas road funds held in some phantom-like TxDOT road accounts to other state funds and this was apparently not illegal, only highy secretive and unethical.

    All of this stealth transfer of our funds not only beefed up the funds for the Trans Texas Corridor Project (in reality the NAFTA corridors in the works since 1993 when Dole and Clinton rammed NAFTA and GATT down our throats), but this thievery also set up the pretext that we in Central Texas have a “financial crisis” that we must respond to. From that set-up of “the problem” we have been served up one false choice after another by our local officials. This framing of “this whole debate” has been false and fully based on lies and deceptions beginning at least in the late 1990s. All of this set-up and sell-out by our corrupt purchased politicians was mandated (or should I say coerced or extorted or bribed) by federal government persons.

    As long as we do not expose the corrupt secretive behind-the-scenes maneuverings and machinations that led up to the debacle that was the one hundred percent unanimous passage of HB 3588, then all of our responses to their false served up paradigms, or false framing of our crises and our dilemmas and our either-or choices, will only be a going along with, a cooperation with, their dialectical scam of moving us toward their predetermined consensus.

    The triple-taxing of our existing has ZERO to do with the transportation needs of Texans. There was never any attempt to analyze and deal with those in an honest way by our legislators. The wrongful tolling of our existing, or already funded roads and road amendments, cannot be looked as separate from the NAFTA corridor scam.

    This is all gross corruption. We must expose it and tear it down and pull it up FROM ITS CORRUPT ROOTS !

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  3. Pingback: San Antonio - Toll Party » Blog Archive » Leon Valley & Bandera Rd. residents clearly in no mood for elevated tollway

  4. Mike Wikman

    The governments (PUBLIC SERVANTS) federal state and local are supposed to protect us, we-the-people from corruption AND DO AS WE TELL THEM TO DO. How can they PROTECT US when they are all corrupt themselves. MONEY, MONEY this is the reason THEY DO AS THEY PLEASE SO, I HAVE AN ANSWER TO ALL THIS GARBAGE. VOTE THE BUMS OUT IMPEACH THE ONES YOU CANT VOTE OUT.SPECIALLY WHOEVER IS IN… VOTE THEM ALL OUT. START NOW

  5. Judy Bruton

    Last time I checked WE ARE “WE THE PEOPLE.” And a few fat cat polititions WILL NOT rail road us here in Texas, what they are trying to do should not be even be legal. I’m with you we have to act fast.


  6. Frank Hall

    “Taxes are not levied for the benefit of the taxed.”

    “In a mature society, ‘civil servant’ is semantically equal to ‘civil master’.”

    Robert A. Heinlein

  7. Mark Cleland Sr

    Looks like all toll roads across the United States are being sold or Long Termed leased (75) years or more. It is time for all the states that are jeopardy link together to help one another together We the People Will Win.
    A little reminder is the states that are in jeopardy. Alaska,Colorado, Florida, Illinois,Indiana- (Already Gone),Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey New York , Oregon, Texas, Virginia.

    And at least (23) other Turnpikes or Toll Roads across the heartland of the United States. This is the North American Trade Union ( NATU) at its best.

  8. Pat

    Hermann Von Bertrab is Director, Nafta Office for Embassy of Mexico in US.
    He came to JCCC (Johnson County Community College) in Overland Park, Kansas, during the mid 90’s to inform our school about NAFTA. He is from Austria. People in the audience were stunned by his extremely arrogant attitude and what he had to say about NAFTA that basically it was going to happen. We were flabbergasted…students and faculty alike. It is my empression that all these new jobs that will and are being created by NAFTA and other (I call them treaties, but some say not) are not necessarily going to go to US Citizens, but to foreign workers who come in with the skill sets demaned by this new way of doing things? Why are so many Americans out of their JOBS? Retraining is not an option for many workers. Also, now the elderly are forced to work way beyond their strenth! That is barbaric! It is either that or euthanize them? That seems to be happening allot.

    If you want to write this person or find out more about his agenda (if you can) here is his address:

    Hermann Von Vertrab
    Director, NAFTA Office
    1776 I Street, NW Suite 820
    Washington, D.C. 20006

    Tel. (202) 728-1776
    Fax: (202) 296-4904

    It has been over a decade sense I’ve had this information so maybe the phone/fax numbers may have changed. However, I suspect he is still at the Embassy of Mexico in the NAFTA office. Also, this superhighway/major alteration of our infrastructure in this country would NOT be happening if the Clintons had not managed to ram NAFTA etc through.
    NAFTA not only is telling US what is going to happen to our transportation systems, but has damaged our healthcare (international medical coding of patients (now referred to as ‘consumers’), legal systems (international law superceding American laws), too.
    If their plans for us…these foreign/domestic entities…were transparent/fair/not outsourcing Amerians jobs and eliminating US citizens who do not qualify in their jaded eyes….a good plan would be to make sure that our jobs would not be stollen…and our American way of life stay intact. But, the way things are headed now….we are being fed a crock of …………..
    Also, no more Clintons in the White House. They will just pick up where they left off….
    I would rather have another 4 years of President Bush; although, he seems to accept the idea of Mexco’s involvement in our American Business Enterprise. Is our president being too nice to Mexico because he has Hispanic family members? Is he being mislead? Does he mean well, but being betrayed? Does he want a North American Union, too? Not sure, but the Clintons surely do want to change the country and NOT for the better. Soros and others of his type are doing much damage to our country and then they play the blame President Bush game. Bush is not our country’s problem, but he surely seems to be a scapegoat. Pray for our country and president….JESUS help us.
    Take care ya’ll. I am a transplanted Texan.

  9. martha

    My prayers to our Creator are most often offered in the temple that was provided for us.. the land that I reside upon. When I falter.. I walk across that land and remember the duty of stewardship that is mine. That Creator provided us with minds, spirits, souls, and free will. I believe that we must nurture & use those gifts to understand and shape our lives & world and that includes our state & federal governments.

    Political party building & toxic partisan emissions today have eclipsed the real issues & battlegrounds. They have diverted our focus & energies. When we look away from the issues and look to our Creator to do OUR work.. we avoid our own duty to act. Joining together with others who reside on these “common grounds” makes doing that duty possible for me. Their gifts & understanding amplify mine. Some real leaders have emerged in this quest.

    I thank our Creator for them.

    Respectfully submitted..
    martha at Bentfork Ranch (in Waller County on TTC-69)

  10. Lynn

    I am just an ordinary citizen, don’t live in Bexar County, formally lived and worked in an area surrounded with toll roads. They were great, sped traffic along, not expensive, spent less than $400 a year, and it was worth twice the price not to sit in the mist of stopped up traffic. There are well over 2million people in the Bexar/San Antonio metropolitan area and only a hand full of “do gooders” like your selfs. I think what you are doing is a dis-service with all that this small group is doing. WHY? From all I can find out, which is not much, but what I do find out is that the most of your “facts” are not true.
    I have listen to you (Terri Hall)and the radio station you are on, and the DJ is more wrong and is only trying to build ratings, well I listen for the last time today KTSA is no longer on my list to listen to. And any time I hear the name Terri Hall, I will turn that off as well. Well I have said my piece about you and your group and this is the first and last time you will hear from me. Good da

  11. terrih Post author

    Lynn, the Texas Legislature just passed SB 792 ( which means gone are the days of affordable tolls like $400 a year. The new minimum start rate on 1604 alone is more like 29 cents/mile per TxDOT\’s own survey taken in September 2005. According to TxDOT and the toll authority, the new toll tax will essentially be \”whatever the market will bear\” with no limit or cap on how high the tolls will go. Do the math, at a minimum for a 20 mile ONE WAY commute that\’s almost $6 to go to work. That\’s over $3,000 a year in toll tax.

    You say our facts are wrong. Name one. We back up everything we say with TxDOT\’s own documents and statements. This web site is chock full of the FACTS: documents, reports, research, bills, and testimony. Don\’t take our word for it, see this Texas A&M study ( that says we don\’t need a single toll road to meet future transportation needs in this state. Oh, and our group is hardly small. It\’s thousands strong and growing by the day, how big is your pro-toll group? I haven\’t met ONE CITIZEN (not tied to those who will financially benefit from the toll roads) who wants to be tolled for existing roads we\’ve already built and paid for.

    You seem to impugn people by calling them a small band of \”do gooders.\” We outnumber pro-tollers 100 to 1 according to calls received by Senator Jeff Wentworth. At every public hearing on toll roads, those against outnumber those in favor 10 to 1 (and those that testified in favor are financially tied to toll roads). We\’re citizens demanding accountability and exercising our Constitutional right to redress our government for grievances. You have every right to disagree, but get your facts straight before you start leveling charges against those trying to prevent runaway taxation.

  12. Chris

    well, don’t forget that you don’t HAVE to take the tolls
    but people still will
    so you can take the roads you’re already taking
    and yet traffic will still be relieved

    281 north has traffic lights, and still will, the only difference is that there will be tolled “express lanes” that don’t stop
    hell the free lanes on 1604 will also still be there so you don’t even have to take the toll and you can still be on the freeway

    so if you don’t like it, than you can “boycot” the tolls!
    i’m just glad that they’re finally expanding/ upgrading the roads tolled or not

    so everyone’s “happy”, see??
    not really, i know you’re still upset
    but i just dont think it’s as big of a deal as y’all make it out to be
    esp since once those two roads are paid off, they can use the revenue for more roadway projects like, say, a highway in western Bexar county where there’s supposed to be like an increase of 300,000 people in the next 10-15 years (highway 211 anyone?); and well you know, anykind of roadway upkeeping in SA. it all comes back to us- whatever you paid in tolls it will come back to you as the improvements of the freeways system in your city

    i keep getting emails from someone essentially saying that TxDOT is and evil corporation out to steal all our money with tolls

    i still think it’s a good idea
    and so does the rest of us that aren’t caught up in all this hype

  13. terrih Post author

    Take a look at this (…those who don’t take the tolls will sit in congestion. UNACCEPTABLE! TxDOT turned 281 into a parking lot with stop lights. It has the gas tax funds right now today to put in those needed overpasses, PLUS expand the highway, PLUS add frontage roads for $100 million. There is no justification to pay MORE taxes for something they already have the money to fix! TxDOT just confirmed that money is still there! They want to bulldoze a perfectly good road and re-build it as a toll road. Talk about waste!

    Plus, a BOATLOAD of gas taxes will be used to build the toll lanes on other toll projects (, so EVERYONE will be paying for it, but to drive on it, people will have to pay a DOUBLE TAX! UNACCEPTABLE! Let’s talk 1604…did you go to the hearings and view the schematics? If you did, you would have seen that TxDOT plans will bulldoze what’s there and re-build it shrinking the existing lanes from the standard highway width of 12 feet wide down to 10 feet wide. Their own environmental study admits that will slow the free lanes. People will not be able to drive highway speeds. They’re actually re-building those non-toll lanes as less safe and slower than we have today. That’s why TxDOT has a major PR problem (, they’re LIARS defrauding the public.

    The population projections are extremely aggressive and if it’s anything like other high growth cities around the country (ie – Phoenix), will never pan out. No city can sustain a growth rate that aggressive for that long. Talk about hype! Add that to the list of scare tactics by TxDOT ( Toll roads cost more to build and maintain, they’re inefficient (25-25% of the toll goes straight to administration not roads…why go that route when there’s already an efficient system in place, the gas tax system to collect taxes), and unaccountable? It takes an act of Congress to raise the gas tax but the whim of a bureaucrat to raise a toll. If government handles this the way they do property tax appraisals, this will cripple the Texas economy.

    You may be okay with such a wasteful money grab, but thousands of fellow citizens aren’t. We don’t need a SINGLE toll road to meet our future transportation needs, period ( Use our gas taxes to build freeways. If you and others still want your toll roads, go build yourselves a completely new one. Leave our existing corridors alone.

  14. Merle

    I live in AZ, we will have toll road, NAU issues in AZ, They have started to put together the land for a corridor around Yuma. The Union Pacific RR has plans for a rail yard between Tucson and Phoenix to offload the containers. They are working on a bypass around Tucson using the old I-10 right of way. There is talk about a 26 lane bypass around Phoenix. Thank you for your website. Knowledge is power.

  15. Rhonda Reichel



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