City Gives Illegal Loan to Alamo RMA

One of our stellar members, Niki Kuhns, took the Mayor and City Council to task at today’s City Council meeting over their $500,000 loan to the Alamo RMA. See her article in today’s SA Current. She thought, “Where in the City’s charter does it allow them to give loans much less to a state established entity?” It begs the question, did Bexar County Commissioners do the same thing when it loaned the Alamo RMA $750,000 two years in a row? Then add to that the Alamo RMA was just awarded a $1 million toll equity grant for the purpose of “reviewing” a contract to build our toll starter system for the next year, and you have to ask: what does an all volunteer Board with 2 employees need with $2.25 million in operating expenses just to “evaluate” a contract (FOR ONE YEAR!!!)?

Not only is our Transportation Department a bloated bureaucracy, the Legislature and the Governor have brought us yet another bloated bureaucracy whose frittering away our essential highway funds for bureaucratic pay-offs to their special interest corporate friends: RMAs. Enough is enough, we need to stop these illegal loans and abuse of taxpayer money! Go Niki, she had the Mayor and the City Attorney scrambling for cover…ask the State Auditor, John Keel, to investigate TxDOT, the City, and the County, and “to report fraud, waste, and/or abuse occurring at a Texas State agency” (exact wording from his web site): go to State Auditor’s site or call the SAO Hotline at 1-800-TX-AUDIT.

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  1. bill molina

    Without question City and County money is being used to fund toll roads:

    Posted clearly on Page 14 of The Alamo Regional Mobility Authority Strategic Plan 2005-2009:

    “Initially, TxDOT will develop the tolled lane system, while Bexar County and the City of San Antonio will provide loans to help get the AlamoRMA established.”

    This is an outrage! Why is our tax money being used to fund, defray costs and/or subsidize an unelected state group whose purpose is to privatize existing, publicly-funded, right of way roadways in San Antonio!?

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