Flyers, Flyers and more Flyers!

Get these flyers in the hands of everyone you know! Click the links below for a PDF file in English or Spanish.

“Don’t Mess with Texas FREEways – Signals” flyer

This flyer is designed to be copied on 8.5 x 11 paper

“Truth About Tolls” Fact Sheet

These flyers are designed to be copied on 8.5 x 11 paper – 2 sided and cut in half (more bang for the buck). Use the “highway robbery” flyer on the 2nd side.

English Version

Spanish Version

“Highway Robbery” Flyer

These flyers are designed to be copied on 8.5 x 11 paper – 2 sided and cut in half (more bang for the buck). Use the “truth about tolls” flyer on the 2nd side.

English Version

Spanish Version

“$5.90” Flyer

These flyers are designed to be copied on 8.5 x 11 paper – 2 sided and cut in half (more bang for the buck).

$5.90 Flyer
No Spanish Version
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These flyers are designed to be copied on 8.5 x 11 paper – 2 sided and cut in 4ths (more bang for the buck).

No Spanish Version
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  1. Franke Johnson

    the proposed TTC will run right over the top of my house. We bought this 15 acre tract 24 years ago and declared it our little piece of paradise! We’ve raised children, dogs, horses and trees! This place is the heart and soul of our family and a refuge for our friends that enjoy it too.

    Let me know what I can do to keep their hands off my home.

  2. Matthew Schlaff

    Toll roads are absurd. I don’t own a car and I am agianst this. It is obvious that greed and coruption in the government are trying to control us an are infringing on our natural rights. What happened to democracy?

  3. Beverly S. Kroening

    I am at a loss of understanding why the State Government wants to pave over the Blackland prairie. It is the most productive land in the state. Why send traffic pollution over the land that produces the most agricultural, cattle, and dairy in the state? Not to mention the terrible impact this will have on the aquifer. By the time these roads are completed, there will no longer be an unpaved spot in the state. Is this deal just to make a foreign owner wealthy? Is Spain finally getting Texas territory back? This deal is as crazy as any we have seen in the past six or more years and there have been too many already. Get Perry and his land grabbing buddies out of office, do it now! Texans fought a revolution once and it is time to fight another one, and this one may be even more important. Get going on this people!

  4. Neil Campbell

    I was in Dallas last week for a convention. Tolls to and from the convention center were several dollars a day.

    Toll booth attendents 24 hrs. per day to collect a small amount of money is ridiculous and it takes away from the idea of “pay as you go” roads.

    Three tolls in less than 12 miles.

  5. Judy Bruton

    We have owned 8 acers in Waller County for 9 years now, they want to take our land as the “study area” pretty much takes out the whole county and goes right over our property.

    This place is our dream place our “LITTLE LAND OF HEAVEN”. Very heavily wooded with all kinds of wildlife. Our three kids 11, 12 & 13 are telling all their friends and teachers this is a great opportunity for the kids to see just who are “WE THE PEOPLE” We are all working hard and spreading the news!

    We pay taxes in Ft. Bend County and Waller County so we have alot of people to contact! WE WILL SEE YOU AT THE RALLY!!


  6. Pat

    Hermann Von Bertrab is Director, Nafta Office for Embassy of Mexico in USA.
    He came to JCCC (Johnson County Community College) in Overland Park, Kansas, during the mid 90’s to inform our school about NAFTA. He is from Austria. People in the audience were stunned by his extremely arrogant attitude and what he had to say about NAFTA ..that basically it was going to happen. We were flabbergasted…students and faculty alike. It is my empression that all these new jobs that will and are being created by NAFTA and other (I call them treaties, but some say not) are not necessarily going to go to US Citizens, but to foreign workers who come in with the skill sets demaned by this new way of doing things? Why are so many Americans out of their JOBS? Retraining is not an option for many workers. Also, now the elderly are forced to work way beyond their years and strenth! That is barbaric! It is either that or euthanize them? That seems to be happening allot.
    Now the highway systems have to be adjusted to accommodate Nafta’s dictates?

    If you want to write this person or find out more about his agenda (if you can) here is his address:

    Hermann Von Vertrab
    Director, NAFTA Office
    Embassy Of Mexico
    1776 I Street, NW Suite 820
    Washington, D.C. 20006

    Tel. (202) 728-1776
    Fax: (202) 296-4904

    It has been over a decade sense I’ve had this information so maybe the phone/fax numbers may have changed. However, I suspect he is still at the Embassy of Mexico in the NAFTA office. Also, this superhighway/major alteration of our infrastructure in this country would NOT be happening if the Clintons had not managed to ram NAFTA etc through.
    NAFTA not only is telling US what is going to happen to our transportation systems, but has damaged our healthcare (international medical coding of patients (now referred to as ‘consumers’), legal systems (international law superceding American laws), too.
    If their plans for us…these foreign/domestic entities…were transparent/fair/not outsourcing Amerians jobs and eliminating US citizens who do not qualify in their jaded eyes….a good plan would be to make sure that our jobs would not be stollen…and our American way of life stay intact. But, the way things are headed now….we are being fed a crock of …………..
    Also, no more Clintons in the White House. They will just pick up where they left off….
    I would rather have another 4 years of President Bush; although, he seems to accept the idea of Mexco’s involvement in our American Business Enterprise. Is our president being too nice to Mexico because he has Hispanic family members? Is he being mislead? Does he mean well, but being betrayed? Does he want a North American Union, too? Not sure, but the Clintons surely do want to change the country and NOT for the better. Now Soros and others of his type are doing much damage to our country and then they play the blame President Bush game. Bush is not our country’s problem, but he surely seems to be a scapegoat. Pray for our country and president….JESUS help us.

    HERMANN VON BERTRAUB, NAFTA director for Mexico from Austria. He is the outsider who told Americans how it was going to be. He never asked us. He never even answered our questions. He TOLD US. I am referring to the day he came to the local community college in my area in the 90’s. It would not have been such a bad idea to imporve our infrastructure; however, the Amerian people are being treated like fools. I hope we can stop this huge mistake from gainning any more ground. Is this just another form of terror?

    Take care ya’ll. I am a transplanted Texan in Kansas.

  7. Manuel Navarro Jr.

    We must consider those plumbers, house maids, carpenters and other workers who all must drive to work– they, like I would be outraged if there was a toll fee… a barrier just to make a living. To pay to work, makes no sense.

  8. Tamara

    I have dedicated many months of my time to prepare a report of sorts on the DRP. What I have discovered is that the entire fate of Texas is connected to the Surcharge Program. This is because the money from the Unconstitutional program is earmarked for the Tran-Texas Corridor, which is a strategic segment of what is to become a Super Corridor that spans the entire North American Continent.

    The state is suspending people’s license over not paying an excessive surcharge fee that is in addition to what you agree to in court. What’s more is the money is going to pay for the Corridor projects, without consent or knowledge or the People or Congress! I believe that spreading the word would enable individuals to better deal with the negative effects that the TX DRP has had on their lives, as well as have a say in their own future.

    TX DRP Surcharge Petition

  9. Lawrence

    Americans need to Unite or fall, have we gone so far off the deepend that there is no light in sight? To hell with who is a Republican or a Democrat, who here is still an American or better yet a Texan? Stop alligning yourself with the problem and become a part of the solution. I am a United States Marine Corps Combat Veteran, 26 years old, and my family has been in this state for over 200 years. I am also a college student and i ask young students all the time if they know about the toll roads they are planning to put in as well as the trans Texas corridor? 98% say “whats that” or “na and i dont really care, as long as they dont mess with me its cool.” To the young man that said that last statement i think he needs a gold star for being an idiot. They are messing with us, ALL OF US. We are the one nation that has the power to take back everything that is ours, yet we sit here on the couch playing video games and watching that stupid box i call Television. If we continue on that course then we deserve everything that is comming to us, because we didnt care. Folks this is a problem, a very big problem and if we dont educate our young people they will meet with a fate only the big businesses will decide. I personally am behind this organization 125% and we need to put a halt to this ASAP because this is only the beginning. Americans, united we Stand, or apart we fall. God bless Texas.

  10. Albert Andis

    While I am not in the path of any proposed toll roads (as I know of) in Wilson County, I am totally against this AGENDA, and have been from the start of it.
    Diverting out taxes to “spend as they feel” is Unfair Taxation Without Representation. Creating Non-elected Official Beauratic Offices wiht over-site of Spending and Collecting or Diverting Tax Dollars, seems illegal from the onset as well as unethical. Secret Agenda, Non-Disclosure Agreements etc… where Tax Dollars are being spent is Again Taxation Without Representation and subverts the Public Records or Open Meetings Laws of Texas and the Nation.
    Public Roads Are Public Owned…. These Toll Roads will be Foreign Owned and We Again, Become Hostage to foreign companies and treaties, contracts and agreements that we are not informed about.

    It is Obvious to me that Rick Perry Graduated from the same economic schooling that Mr Bush did. By the way didn’t Mr. Bush already Bankrupt America (Twice Over)?

    STOP RICK PERRY FORM CONTINUING HIS POLITICAL AGENDA AND CAREER IN TEXAS POLITICS. STOP RICK PERRY FOR GAINING A NATIONALLY ELECTED OFFICE (such as Vice President)!!!! We Don’t Need a King in Texas, and that is what Rick Perry is Acting Like Today. Texas Desperately Needs A Change In Politics NOW!!

    For those of you who don’t know Gas Taxes are not the only means they collect Road Taxes. What is your Vehicle Registration Supposed to Fund? Diverting any tax dollars should be Fought Heavily in The Courts and Stoped Immediately!!! No funding … will Prevent Action on Toll Road Plans and Force Austin Politicians TO Come To Texans for Funding.

    Perry & bush are selling out America And Texas. They are NOT our Favored Sons Any More.

  11. Karen Fodge

    I can visualize our country being essentially dissolved this century. It would all start with controlling every community (city and rural) with a continuous commerce and trade, trucks and railroads, water and utilities, through highway corridors such as I had viewed on the DVD called “Truth Be Tolled”. The small group of people controlling these corridors would have ultimate utollitarian power to syphon money from every way of life (gas prices, toll prices, the rise in inflation caused from supply and demand stops and checkpoints, as well as accidents and lack of security to stop bombers from impeding trade and distribution of water, utilities, food, merchandise, and medical supplies to the community. If security were “beefed” up, it could further encroach on the rights of citizens to live a life of freedom as we have known in the past.

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