Letters to Editor on tolls: Listen to the PEOPLE!

In the Express-News, November 27, 2007 – Listen to the majority

It may be my age, but I’m totally bewildered that it is no longer possible in this country for the will of the majority to be even heard, much less considered.

It seems that the only majority that matters is that of our illustrious lawmakers and what they want (and stand to gain from?).

It would also seem that the majority of people are against illegal immigration, toll roads, the so-called “death tax,” the Trans-Texas Corridor and many other issues that politicians promise to fix every campaign until they are elected and become part of the problem.

I really admire and support attorney David Van Os and anti-toll road activist Terri Hall, who are at least trying to bring some accountability into this process.

Toll roads are proposed and supported by those who have the most to gain — financially, that is — from them. It doesn’t seem to matter that the rest of us will be paying the price for their gain for the rest of our lives.

Maybe it’s time for another Boston Tea Party revolt!

Becky Narvarte

Dominion over tolls

If the Texas Department of Transportation is bound and determined to build some toll roads, why doesn’t it build them at all the entrances and exits to The Dominion?

Twenty bucks a car should do it, since the Dominionites are the only ones who can afford toll roads anyway.

Albert Smith