Tolling Authority jet sets to Austria on YOUR DIME!

Watch this undercover news report from Bennett Cunningham with CBS-TV in Dallas!

Thank Mr. Cunningham and CBS for their report here.

As the North Texas Toll Authority (NTTA) was raising toll rates and shifting and EXISTING HIGHWAY, Hwy 121 into a tollway, 5 of their employees headed to Vienna, Austria for a taxpayer-funded junket racking up more than $7,000 a HEAD on airfare alone! They repeatedly played hookey during the toll road convention and spent one of the days sight-seeing in neighboring Slovakia. In total, this little jaunt cost the taxpayers over $42,000! No wonder we have “no money” for roads…

Demand accountability! Contact your state representative and senator and ask that these employees be FIRED immediately!

These UNELECTED, UNACCOUNTABLE toll authority members have become a monopolistic taxing entity. Now they inexplicably waste our hard-earned cash jet setting around Europe while you struggle to fill your gas tank and pay tolls just to get to work! Remember that these same folks also get a FREE PASS on the toll roads in North Texas. Read it here.