MPO votes to give contract to firm guilty of OVERBILLING TxDOT!

See the story in Toll Road News here.

This is an outrage! The MPO Board members likely had no idea, but the MPO staff is who recommended this contractor and the MPO staff is an arm of TxDOT. TxDOT and the MPO staff are complicit in recommending and hiring a company known for fraud and corruption at the taxpayers’ expense!

Contact elected MPO Board Members below to ask them to withdraw their approval of using this fraudulent contractor!

Chairman Richard Perez – Councilman-District 4 City of San Antonio 210-207-7281 or
Carlos Uresti – State Representative District 118 210-932-2568 or
Joe Straus – State Representative District 121 210-828-4411 or
Tommy Adkisson – Commissioner Bexar County 210-335-2614 or
Lyle Larson – Commissioner Bexar County 210-335-2613 or
Sergio “Chico” Rodriguez – Commissioner Bexar County 210-335-2611 or
Christopher “Chip” Haass – Councilman-District 10 City of San Antonio 210-207-7276 or
Art Hall – Councilman District 8 City of San Antonio 210-207-7086 or
Elena Guajardo – Councilwoman District 7 City of San Antonio 210-207-7086 or
Jack Leonhardt – Mayor 210-655-0022 or