SHAMELESS: TxDOT involves CINTRA to dangle carrots of lucrative toll contracts to businesses

Grammatical errors left in for effect.

The Texas Department of Transportation is hosting a open house for all small business September 20-21st at the Omni South Hotel . TxDOT offers a wide array of contracting opportunities for which we need businesses such as yours to fulfill ours needs. We are looking for business to contract in:

1. Engineering
(civil/concrete/drainage//geological/environmental/surveyor services/traffic & transportation)
2. Real Estate Professionals
3. Printing
4. Construction (airport runway/curb & gutter/highway and road/parking lots/sidewalk and driveway/utility & underground
5. Maintenance (mowing/guardrail repair/lighting/excavation service/demolition/tree trimming/flooring maintenance/glass replacement/carpet cleaning/roofing/pest control)
6. All good/services (office supplies/staffing/personnel firms/HVAC/Plumbing/builders/painting/signs/material suppliers/safety equipment/fencing/janitorial supplies & services/office furniture/office equipment/radio and telecommunication equipment

TxDOT spends annually upwards of 5 billion dollars and consist of 25 districts, 20 divisions and 15,000 employees. These districts, divisions and employees are supported by your business to help sustain our operations in fulfilling our contract needs. Several major reasons we are having this small business briefing is to introduce you to our purchasing department, engineers and all of our areas of contract opportunities. By personally introducing you to these personnel, it is our intention for you to understand everything we contact for and the processes by which we contract. So that you may have a greater opportunity to be awarded business with us.

Also, as a bonus feature we will be introducing the 50 billion dollar toll project with the Cintra-Zachary team. You will meet there representative and they will make a presentation of the 5 billion dollars of sub contracting opportunities that will be available for all types do businesses.

We look forward to you joining us Austin at the Omni South Hotel.

For more information call TxDOT’s, Business Opportunity Programs Office
at 1-866-480-2518

We look forward to doing business with you.

TxDOT will host Small Business Briefings around the state: Houston – July 25-26, Dallas – August 2-3, Lubbock – August 16-17 , El Paso – September 13-14, Austin – September 20-21. For more information and registration call: 1-866-480-2518 or 512-486-5500.