Pro-toll Mayor Hardberger sent 14 letters to MPO Board to oust toll critic as Chair

There can be no denying it. San Antonio Mayor Phil Hardberger is pro-toll and he’s rabidly promoting his buddy Zachry’s pro-toll agenda by ousting County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson who was next in line to be Chair of the San Antonio Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). Zachry & Hardberger hand-picked Councilwoman Sheila McNeil, who is cozy with road builder Zachry since she took office, to oust Adkisson. McNeil had not ONE DAY of experience on the MPO and walked in and demanded to be Chair. Hardberger falsely claims in his letters to MPO Board members asking for support of McNeil’s ouster of Adkisson that past chairs served 4 year terms and the City was “shorted” the final two years of its term because former Councilman Richard Perez was term-limited out.

FACT: The MPO bylaws state the Chair position is held for a two year term NOT a FOUR year term as he claims in his letters.

FACT: Since the MPO began in 1988, the cumulative total number of years the City has held the Chair is two years LONGER than the County.

So their arguments are BOGUS and they know it! The MPO is the key decision-making body that decides which highways are tolled.

Click to view the letters sent to MPO Board members here.