Ron Paul wows crowd at Alamo!

Presidential Candidate Texas Congressman Ron Paul greeted an energized crowd - shown here with Terri Hall of San Antonio Toll PartyPresidential Candidate Texas Congressman Ron Paul greeted an energized crowd yesterday at the Alamo. At least 500 people turned out to support his agenda of limited government, low taxes, and personal liberty, including the freedom of mobility about to be stripped by toll road proliferation. Paul got raucous applause when he called for an end to the NAFTA Superhighways, (aka- Trans Texas Corridor), the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), and the North American Union (NAU). Dr. Jerry Corsi’s new book, The Late Great USA, documents the coming merger with Canada and Mexico, the SPP, and NAU.

Dr. Paul himself has been pleasantly surprised by the massive groundswell of support for what he’s dubbed “the freedom movement.” Post-debate polling showed he nearly won the second debate where Rudy Giuliani tried to rebuke Paul for his opposition to the Iraq war. His campaign clearly has had momentum ever since. He noted his position on Iraq hasn’t hurt him with those fighting the war in Iraq. He says his support from active duty soldiers outnumbers all the other candidates 3 to 1.

Crowd greets Ron Paul at the Alamo in San Antonio, TXMassive grassroots support for Ron Paul
The bulk of his support isn’t gauged by traditional campaign markers like BIG MONEY supporters, BIG endorsements and press coverage, but even Paul surprised the jaded political pundits when he turned up with more campaign cash on hand than top tier candidate John McCain (and that was before McCain’s steady decline). Paul’s massive group of un-paid, committed grassroots volunteers also indicate the strength of the “freedom movement.”

Many call Paul the “last hope” to preserve America, restore the Constitutional Republic (of, by, and for the PEOPLE), reclaim America’s financial independence, and protect her sovereignty.

Ron Paul surrounded by supportersInternet Sensation
No candidate has more support or buzz on the internet than Ron Paul. The only candidate to come close is Democratic Presidential Candidate Senator Barrack Obama who has 10,000 “meet-up” groups. Paul has a stunning 27,000! Dr. Paul noted he has seen a steady increase of young people coming into his office in Washington with their parents lauding Paul’s love for and vehement protection of the Constitution telling him they share his love for the Constitution and have contributed to their parents becoming Ron Paul supporters.

Republicans... wake up!There’s also a campaign afoot to wake-up the Republican Party to Ron Paul’s message at next month’s Texas Straw Poll. We’ll continue to watch the “Ron Paul Revolution.”