Protollers use new term to hide the word "toll"!

WOAI report here.

More proof that tollers take the public for fools! They have to resort to deception and tricks to push their agenda down the taxpayers’ throats while we continue to expose the TRUTH!

New Name for Toll Roads
Supporters have decided to use new language to refer to proposed pay highway lanes.
By Jim Forsyth

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

When is a toll road not a toll road? When it’s an ‘express lane.’

Internal documents sent by toll road supporters and obtained by 1200 WOAI news show advocates of toll lanes on Highway 281 and Loop 1604 across the city’s north side are recommending that supporters use the phrase ‘express lanes’ when referring to the controversial project.

The change in syntax comes on the eve of two extremely important hearings next week at Reagan High School and Bush Middle School, at which the Texas Department of Transportation will get input from both sides on the toll road plan. The memos indicate businesses which support toll roads, some of whom stand to profit from their construction, are encouraging employees to attend the hearings to give the appearance of a huge groundswell of support for toll lanes.

Construction which was to begin on toll lanes on Highway 281 between Loop 1604 and Stone Oak Parkway hit a snag when environmental groups got the Federal Highway Administration to freeze the project until an environmental impact statement is completed. Two separate lawsuits also seek to derail the toll road concept in Texas.

Supporters of toll roads argue it is the only way to quickly increase the capacity of highways to deal with huge increases in traffic volume expected in far north Bexar County in coming years. Opponents, including Commissioner Lyle Larson, argue that much more sensible and lower cost alternatives are available, including building overpasses on Highway 281 to bypass four east west cross streets where red lights currently cause much of the congestion. Some toll road opponents also claim having some lanes free and others tolled would create a ‘two tiered society,’ where the wealthy could glide along on open roads, while the poor would be stuck in endless highway congestion.

When asked about the new ‘express lane’ name for toll roads, one toll road opponent told 1200 WOAI news, “we don’t care what they call it. It’s still garbage and we’ll defeat it.”