Remember Who Voted to Toll You!

With upcoming elections, let’s remember who the bad guys are. TxDOT is just following orders. It’s the Governor, Legislature, County Commissioners (who petitioned to start the RMA tolling authority), and MPO who brought us toll proliferation WITHOUT A VOTE OF THE PEOPLE. So to make it perfectly clear who the good guys and bad guys are, here’s the list:

Bad Guys
It starts at the top…

  • Governor Rick Perry

ALL STATE SENATORS and ALL but 19 STATE REPRESENTATIVES voted for massive toll tax increases (SB 792)!

Read more about this vote for the highest possible tolls by your State Representatives here.

The few GOOD GUYS in the TEXAS HOUSE who voted AGAINST SB 792 in the 80th Legislature are:

Nathan Macias (lead the charge)
David Leibowitz
Lon Burnam
Joaquin Castro
Garnet Coleman
Joe Farias
Jessica Farrar
Stephen Frost
Ana Hernandez
Jodie Laubenberg
Trey Martinez Fischer
Ruth McClendon
Sid Miller
Ken Paxton
Robert Puente
Joe Straus
Senfronia Thompson
Marc Veasey
Mike Villarreal
Notably absent from this list is San Antonio Representative Frank Corte whose district is under a FULL toll assault on both Hwy 281 and Loop 1604!

The San Antonio Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

On December 3, 2007, the MPO voted to approve the toll rates for the conversion of a FREEway into a tollway (on US 281) and to use an additional $112 million in ($325 million total) Texas Mobility Funds to toll 281 & 1604 (when they could use those funds to keep them FREEways)! Read more about it here.

MPO members who voted to increase your taxes on driving
Sheila McNeil,
Councilwoman, Dist. 2, called northsiders “those people” who can afford the tolls while taking thousands in campaign contributions from pro-toll interests like Zachry and Red McCombs
Diane Cibrian,
Councilwoman, Dist. 8, campaigned on lowering taxes but just voted FOR the largest tax increase in TX history! Today is the first day we enlist Jacob Dell to take her seat! Better yet, a RECALL!
Jack Leonhardt,
Windcrest Mayor, said he received 5,000 emails FOR and only a few hundred against (we confirmed that over 1,200 emails AGAINST were sent using our email alias)…so he lied!
Chico Rodriguez,
Bexar County Commissioner who has an opponent in the primary in March
William Weeper,
Claimed he received more emails in favor of tolls and was compelled to “do what the people want” and vote FOR a TAX INCREASE!
Joe Aceves,
county employee who did what pro-toll Judge Wolff told him to do even though 2 of the 3 commissioners on the MPO voted AGAINST and the county has twice passed a resolution AGAINST tolling existing freeways (which are smoke & mirrors and worthless apparently)
Two TxDOT votes (David Casteel & Clay Smith, one of the TxDOT employees seen walking into the Oct. 19 Valero meeting where the highway lobby strategized on how to win approval of the toll roads at today’s mtg)
Two Via Votes (Ruby Perez, who’s also chummy with Sheila McNeil, and Hank Brummet, who previously voted WITH us when he was on the MPO years ago…guess that proposed Park & Ride at Marshall Rd. was enough to co-opt them into voting FOR more highways against their own stated mission of mass transit)
Two City employees (one, Mark Webb, is the boss of a Via Board member Ruby Perez, and Jelynne Burley is the other)

The few heroic GOOD GUYS
Commissioner Tommy Adkisson (wait till you see his impassioned speech when we get it on YouTube, a true advocate of mass transit and simple solutions like contraflow lanes, etc.)
Commissioner Lyle Larson (noted the Legislature is just as guilty for raiding gas taxes)
Rep. David Leibowitz (he’s a fabulous litigator and got the RMA to admit to a non-compete and to tolling existing roads)
Senator Carlos Uresti (poked holes in the RMA’s numbers, logic, determined their plan doesn’t achieve congestion relief AT ALL for those who cannot afford tolls)

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  1. Mike Dickey

    Do not set toll roads up in San Antonio. My vote counts and it will be for anyone who votes no on the toll roads.

  2. Felix Velez

    No toll roads for San Antonio…Texas is a verylarge state and there’s plenty of room to expand or roads without double taxation!

  3. John O

    What else should we expect? There seems to be no DIGNIFIED causes left for them to actually protect the voting constituancy. These politicians depend upon us to vote them into office then once in, they only promote THEIR OWN PERSONAL AGENDAS. I wish there was a way to eradicate all of these politicians and RETURN TO A MORALLY RESPONSIBLE VALUE system. One that allows a working person to PAY NO TAXES if it becomes clear that the taxes are not being used to IMPROVE life in our community, AND ESPECIALLY IF WE ARE BEING UNJUSTLY TAXED MUCH LESS DOUBLE TAXED.

  4. Don Allen

    Build the bridges at the stop lights on 281..We do not need toll roads in San Antonio. A lot of peolple may just find a new location other than San Antonio if toll roads are built.

  5. bob wills

    People of Texas we need to find a way to take the feedbag off these gorging animals we call the Congress of the United States of America.It is so obvious( they don’t care who sees them) and imperative that we VOTE and take authority from those that have given up integrity and common sense for Money.They turn their backs even on their children and grandchildren and generations of millions for the love of money.They are reprobate and we can do nothing for them,but cast ’em out of that position of responsibility that they so frivolously take for granted.They are imposing on us all and we can’t afford ’em any longer.THEY are there to do us harm,not good!We don’t need anymore laws and we sure do not need lawyers to run Texas nor the USA.THE PEOPLE need to take the money out of Government.—I am voting against the incumberants that voted against ME and my family.

  6. Diane Abbott

    We moved from North SA to Spring Branch 6 years ago. The lights at Encino Rio, Evans, Stone Oak Pkwy & Bulverde Rd were much needed but have added 45 minutes to my morning drive to town and longer in the afternoon. A limited access Highway is needed desperately with overpasses at entrances to subdivisions. The population is going to continue to grow out that way – unfortunately, and the state and counties are behind in preparing for the growth. I do not favor Toll Roads but if that is the only way to get the highway built – I’ll use them if needed.

  7. Melody Sosa

    I am from Houston and have seen what the toll roads did to property values there. I am very concerned about the economic impact of tollroads. Haven’t we already paid for these roads? Traffic isn’t great, but it isn’t nearly as bad as Houston (Houston has only one tollroad and 7 times as many people as San Antonio) I don’t think we need a mammoth highway just some better planning at 281 and 1604 and a couple of extra lanes on 281 north of 1604. That makes more sense because it would not take as long, impact our environment as much, or have such a huge economic effect.

  8. Jim Person

    I cannot support nor vote for someone I do not trust. This toll road issue seems very clear to me, and to many others, to be a “back door” deal. It is just another way to ‘TAX” the people without calling it a tax. This allows these politicians to get their hands on more money and, they feel, gets them off the hook by still saying “I did not vote to increase your taxes.”

    Mr. Perry, Mr. Wentworth, Ms. Casteel…DO NOT LOOK FOR MY VOTE!!!

  9. Nancy Strack

    Something certainly stinks! Let me see if I understand everything.

    Two former TxDOT employees who also served as Exec Directors of both the Alamo RMA and the SA MPO are now working for private companies that stand to profit big time from toll roads and these 2 people left their Board positions AFTER toll roads were pretty much a “done deal.”

    The members of the NON-Elected ALamo RMA can spend our gas tax dollars but sign non-disclosure agreements that forbid them from telling the public or ELECTED officials about the “deals” involving the toll lanes.

    TxDOt and the city “tweak” the timing of the lights on 281, deny it, admit it and then deny it again?

    The gas tax money was allocated for the simple fix (overpasses on US 281 north of 1604 to match the overpasses that serve the rest of 281 so well) but then TxDOt refuses to use it on the overpasses but uses it to start the toll lanes instead. Not sure that’s legal.

    Toll roads in Laredo and elsewhere went bankrupt because of lack of use and TxDOT bought this road that cost $20 million to build for $90 million.

    TxDOT threatens to increase property taxes to pay for roads if we don’t have toll lanes. Isn’t that also illegal?

    I joined a small group who fought useless corrupt emissions testing for our cars that almost got forced upon us and we won that battle. Emissions testing was a sneaky little trick and it, like the toll lanes was nothing more than a way for corrupt, arrogant people to line their pockets. Less than a handful of people stopped the emssions testing. It can be done but you have to be in their faces constantly.

    I also will not vote for anyone who is so pro-toll roads because they have to be in it for the money or else they’re not paying attention wo what’s going on. Nelson Wolff is one who needs to be replaced and the sooner the better. Chip Haass hasn’t had clue about what’s going on since he took office.

    Tell everyone you know about the scandal and tell them to pass it on. Tell them to write the elected officials. The Alamo RMA Board isn’t elected so they don’t give a rat’s behind but maybe the politicians who want to stay in power will listen.

  10. Bob Adams

    Governor Rick Perry, state senators and all other state officials – You all should be ashamed of your lack of concern for such a gouging action and stand you are taking by planning a toll on highways already paid for with my dollars. Let me come to your home and sell you my product and, then let me come back to your home a couple of years later and allow me to sell you the same product you bought from me before. What do you think, politicians?

  11. Gary G. Loudermilk

    It is deplorable to think we are letting the crooks give our money to private interests by supporting this tollroad concept on already funded highways. At a time when credibility is already being tested withing our legislators and other elected officials, this is almost unbelievable.

  12. natalie stephens

    It is unfortunate that the san antonians who are unaware of the reality of the crooks (all who are trying to implement the UNECCESSARY TOLLS) ar trying to pull over a fast one on its citizens. That is if the TRUTH came out they would realize the san antonio TAX PaYERS have already PAID for the cost expansion of these highways YEARS ago!
    IF PERRY would just be Honest and make the official public records of the money that was Earmarked for this highway renovation ALONG time ago NO one would honestly even consider the so called “needed toll road”. ITs truly a scam and truly ashame that the true documents which show this Perry and his entourage of politcal supporters will never allow to be publicized. They are truly doing a disservice to San Antonians and its citizens. Im sure he will just talk his texas side step to get around this issue.
    Its truly ashame. Prayfully I hope the taxpayers and educated become informed citizens and succeed in putting this out there and HALTING this toll issue and putting it to rest. And just do what they were paid to do “RENOVATE the HIGHWAY” that has already “Been Paid for”.
    A toll is just bad business and bad for the city. God Bless you all for fighting against it.
    I support your efforts. Dont give up. We are americans fighting for rights and Our freedom and thats what its all about. Go for it and God Bless you all.

  13. terrih Post author


    I am an average citizen totally opposed to toll roads in San Antonio. I lived in states that have toll roads and they do not relieve congestion on the highways, in fact they slow down traffic and increase congestion. I pay $4,000.00 a year in property taxes, a high sales tax rate and state and federal taxes at the pump for gasoline. There is absolutely no need for tolling our roads. This is just going to make a bunch of elite Republican businessmen richer than they already are. The only thing my wife and I can do is vote and contribute to the politicians in opposition to tolls. Please let me know who is actively campaigning against tolls so our votes will go to the right candidate.

    Thanks in advance,

    George Patten

  14. Stephen R. Schneider

    If TxDot and its groupies are so insistent on building toll roads, they should build them along the Rio Grande and charge the illegals when they cross and quit trying to stick it to the everyday working stiffs trying to support all this taxing, big government waste.

  15. Pat Hancock

    Provides jobs? Then give the jobs to UScitizens — NOT foreign countries!!
    WHAT, repeat WHAT, are you people in Austin using for brains????????

  16. Tollers Suck

    Let’s be honest with ourselves. If Perry and the legislature succeed in their so called ‘fixing’ of the education funding problem, there’s a good chance things won’t change much in Austin, and Tolls will be unstoppable. Personally, I think their proposal for the education thing is freakin’ absurd, and makes me laugh (literally, deleriously). The same people who say the gas tax is dead because of the increased fuel efficiency of cars, want to fund our schools with a cig tax that is ‘meant’ to have the dual effect of smokers’ quitting, thus rendering it a dying tax, but I digress.

    It is completely obvious that your the mainstream media, including all major networks (yes, FOX included), the local newspaper, and radio stations, are only willing to give an insignificant voice to the toll opposition. Without fail, they end any opposition piece with stuff like “but TxDOT reminds you that existing lanes can’t be tolled, only new lanes”, without pointing out what any informed person knows, that this is a blatant lie. Blatant disregard for the intent of the law. Pure lawyerism. And they know damn well the only way to stop them is to sue, which no one can afford.

    We need a public radio broadcast that exposes all of the corruption, including names, airing during high traffic periods, and a billboard on 281 that says “tune to xx.x for the truth about Toll Roads”. The broadcast should be no-hold-barred, and as searing as the untruthful tales spun by the media and our state leaders. One of our messages should be, “Forget your party, and vote for all non-incumbents”. That should make Kevin Wolf, Jeff Wentworth, etc.. pucker up a bit.

    Wow, great idea, man! How we gonna do that? Hey, I’m just the idea guy.

    Don’t be mad at my far fetched suggestion, Terri. I think you are awesome, and what you are doing deserves recognition and respect beyond that of a ‘Hero’. You are truly a selfless Warrior for the people.

  17. Nathan Hastings

    Toll roads will lead to a state “Tax Revolt” with a lot of first time, newly elected state, county, and city policitians. Insead of increasing taxes, learn to live with what you’ve already collected and REDUCE SPENDING – just like the families you tax have to do. Instead of toll roads, look at where the HIGHWAY TAXES

  18. todd mcleod

    Keep educating as many people as you can about the ridiculous efforts to TOLL our FREEways and my plea is that people never shut up about this issue until we eliminate either the elected officials who want them or the whole idea together. New roads is fine but again I will shout, ” YOUre NOT going to justify double taxation !!!” If we dont have the money to spend, then you dont create further debt for our children to inherit.” Traffic is nothing new.

  19. Glenda Moyes

    I was at the meeting last Monday and was astonished at the bald-faced lies told by David Casteel and his sidekick from TxDOT ( I forget his name). I was so astonished by their lies that I nearly swallowed that crap! Fortunately, Terri stood up and called them to account. They didn’t like that, but I decided next time I will be bold as she is and call a liar a liar if the shoe fits! I am incensed beyond belief.

  20. Sally Smith

    I built a house off of 1604 two years ago. It is just a small little house for our retirement. I would have not built here if the road if I had known that the road I would travel each day would be a toll road. I resent that we are taking care of other people’s business in Iraq and not caring one bit about middle class people in our own country who pay and pay and pay. We have already paid for these highways! Government should provide the funds for our roadways! Don’t we already pay taxes? I would like my tax money to help people right here in my community.

  21. Craig Young

    Toll Roads are just the beginning. The goal is the North American Union. Perry and Bush are unethical monsters. The choice between Republican and Democrats is a false choice.

  22. Al Strittmatter

    First things first. I’ve been following the issue of toll roads (specifically the TTC) for a couple of years. Living in North Texas (Denton County) the voters approved approved a PERMANENT tax increase to build a railway into Dallas along I-35 to ease highway congestion AND improve air quality. Hopefully by removing enough vehicles from the road.

    So all efforts by voters was not only wasted time, but wasted tax dollars!!!

    Because the monstrosity (aka the Trans-Texas Corridor) – will be equivalent to FOUR football fields wide!!! Non-STOP trucks from Mexico (2 lanes in each direction), six rail lines (3 in each direction), as well as personal vehicle lanes. ‘Air quality’ GOES RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW.

    This was the ‘brainchild’ of Rick Perry, who also gave TxDOT “carte blanche” into making it happen. WITHOUT ever consulting with Texas voters.

    Perry HAS TO GO in the upcoming election.

    Unless Texans stop it, construction is suppose to begin in 2007.


    Go to: (BULLETIN – May 25, 2006) for full hearing schedules throughout Texas.

  23. Al Strittmatter

    I forgot to mention – that this relates because it will be ALL TOLL lines. And the foreign company (from Spain) that was given the contract to build it, will receive ALL toll revenue for 50 – 70 years for their initial investment.

    Texas Segment of NAFTA Super Highway Nears Construction
    Published: Jun 21, 2006

    …the NAFTA Super Highway is planned to begin at Laredo, Tex., proceeding north to Kansas City via Oklahoma City, and ultimately connecting with Canadian limited-access highways north of Duluth, Minn.

    …The Comprehensive Development Agreement called for Cintra-Zachry to provide private investment of $6 billion “to fully design, construct and operate a four-lane 316 mile toll road between Dallas and San Antonio for up to 50 years as the initial segment of TTC-35.”

    … The development plan called for Cintra-Zachry to specify the near term five-year plan (2005-2010), mid-term (2010-2025), and long-term (after 2025), in what was envisioned to be a 50-year project involving the construction of a network of TTC roads throughout Texas.

    Note: the tall concrete ‘sound barriers’ that will have to be constructed on both sides, will impact not only air flow, but natural water shed.

    …The April 2006 EIS made clear that Cintra-Zachry had expanded the original corridor concept to the ultimate plan of building a 1,200 foot-wide (approximately four football fields wide) complex involving ten lanes of highway — five lanes in each direction, north and south, with three lanes in each direction reserved for passenger vehicles and two separate lanes reserved for trucks. The EIS design included six rail lines running parallel to the highway, with separate rail lines in each direction for high-speed rail, commuter rail, and freight rail. Finally, the design called for a 200-foot wide utility corridor that include pipelines for oil and natural gas, pipelines for both water, cables for telecommunications and data, as well as electricity towers running the length of the TTC.

    …Expanding beyond the I-35 corridor, TxDOT plans to build a network of super-corridor highways {} throughout Texas.

    …The plans ultimately call for building some 4,000 miles of highway-railway-utility super-corridors throughout Texas over the next 50 years, using some 584,000 acres of what is now Texas farm and ranchland…..

    …These TTC toll-road super-corridors will function {} primarily to facilitate international trade and secondarily to serve as alternative routes for those inter-city private travelers willing and able to pay the added toll cost.

    TxDOT is planning on holding public hearings on TTC-35 beginning in July 2006. Yet, from examining the agenda of the public hearings, the focus seems more aimed at modifying routes and expressing concerns about design. With a signed contract in place with Cintra-Zachry and with money having been accepted by TxDOT for building the road, stopping the road at this point does not seem to be a question that the TxDOT considers on the table. Comments at the public hearings may modify design issues, but from every indication, construction of TTC-35 is scheduled to begin in 2007.

    WAKE UP Texas!!!!

  24. Nathan H.

    I’m checking the good guys/bad guys list in November. I’ll only be voting for politicians on the right side of this issue. I don’t even use 281, but the same thing almost happened to me over here on the Northwest side (US 151). I got your back Northside!

  25. Faith Chatham

    It is also important to examine ETHICS REPORTS to see who is taking money from ZACHRY.
    There is a very interesting parallel between the actions of most folks who took money from H.B. Zachry, his family members, and related companies, and PAC and their support of the TRANS TEXAS CORRIDOR TOLL ROAD /PIPE LINE PROJECT.
    In the past 5 1/2 years RICK PERRY had taken over $146,000. in campaign contributions from Zachry.
    In 2005 David Dewhurst took $51,000.00 from Zachry.
    In 2005 Todd Staples took $14,000.00 from Zachry and “authored” S.B. 1706.
    Both Perry and Sharp fed at the Zachry pig feeder bin during the last Gov’s election.
    I asked Mrs. Strayhorn two weeks ago about the $13,000.00 she took from Zachry last time she ran for her current office of Comptroller. She told me that “Zachry wasn’t involved in the TTC then.” I went back to her last week at the Dallas TTC hearing and told her that we are urging everyone who took money from Zachry to give it back. She told me: “That was a different election. That money is gone!”

    Zachry has emerged from the shadows to the forefront in the TTC initiative. I am thankful she is speaking out against the TTC now. Giving back the money she got from Zachry would help.

    I urge everyone to contact folks who took money from Zachry and pro-toll road lobby folks and demand that they give the money back. Let them know that we are watching, checking the facts, looking at campaign reports and how people vote and TAKING NAMES and MOVING TO REMOVE THE BAD APPLES of all parties from the payroll of Texas.

    I have posted my TTC NAFTA PARABLE at:

  26. Linda L.

    Hurry and stop the TTC. Next, Rick Perry will sell off The Alamo to the highest bidder!

    My family will lose two farms in Bell and Falls County if this “get-rich-quick” scheme goes through. I don’t know a single person that thinks the TTC is a good idea.

    If this is purely a “road/transportation project” to move goods North-South from Mexico to Canada, why on earth did Rick Perry/TxDot let N. Texas leaders talk them into the “Donut” plan to circle Ft. Worth AND Dallas? Wouldn’t this make it an “Economic Development” project if those same North Texas leaders were worried about being economically bypassed?
    Why cram the traffic back into the DFW metroplex instead of staying east of Dallas? Do they think ALL Texans are idiots?

    Stand and Revolt or pay a toll wherever you go!

  27. Oscar Unger

    An overlooked issue is how did we get here? What legislation allows Texas politicans to set up these taxing districts such as the local Regional Management Authority and the many “water districts” across Texas( thanks to the Sierra Club). Who did it? Where was the press. Obviously we were all asleep at the wheel. The politicans we trusted to do the right thing failed us miserably. Now, all we can do is get informed, stay informed and let those self serving clowns in Austin and Washington hear your anger – often. And if you stay informed vote in every election.

  28. Anne

    Joaquin Castro did not vote our way on some bills. I’ve looked at his record and he clearly votes for tolling even though he CLAIMS otherwise. In fact, I’ve found five votes where he voted against us and none where he voted with us.

  29. Deborah Doe

    My biggest concern right now is Hwy 281 toll road. I travel that road almost everyday to baby sit for a girlfriend that is ill. If tolls start I don’t think I can afford to help her. Why can’t they just expand the center line for a High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) road. It work beautifully in Houston for commutors during peak hours and highway travelers just wanting to drive through the congestion to get from point A from point B. I agree that we have already paid for that road. But I think this is a good compromise. And its no money out of our pockets.

  30. william cress

    what we need to do is have a recall and remove them all and then have one or two persons to be responsible to the people of not San Antonio or any other city or the state but to you and I the voter . They would have to have only a 6 month term and if they did re vote them again if they are rotten and dont do what we want show them the door……This should be for all of the elected crooks from the governor to even the dog catcher…..This would work great in the federal leaders …two per state and work 6 mos and come home te educate us on their ideals and then we tell them what to do or hit the road jack and a new person will take over.

  31. Don Dionne

    I would like you to understand that I am completely against the toll road concept and especially the Trans Texas Corridor. It is a complete waste of money as it will not relieve congestion in any of our cities. I will vote for all elected officials who oppose these issues.

  32. Jim

    I am a card-carrying Republican, but I will vote Democrat in a heartbeat if it means pushing out a candidate that supports tolling our roads versus supporting a candidate that will find feasible alternatives without stealing from San Antonio tax payers. Why isn’t there more public information about the candidates that are pushing toll roads? We can apply a lot of pressure on these people, especially during an election year! We need commercials run at 6 or 7 pm giving the public the facts!

  33. Kay Acuff

    I try not to use tolls in Texas or other states. I do not like them and never will. It makes me angry to have to use a toll road. Not only are you charged to get on; you are also ripped off again to exit! If you are in favor of toll roads, try driving across Indiana, parts of Oklahoma and Missiouri and, yes, even in the suburbs of Houston. You’re barely back to the speed limit before you’re stopped and charged again. Ridiculous!! In Indiana, a toll booth was set up in front of an exit that we needed to take so we had to pay more money to get to the exit and at the end of the exit their hands were out again. Don’t believe for a minute that you will have a suitable throughway to use next to the toll road because that’s not happening! If the tolls are built, you will be forced to use the damn things. You’ll will be shocked at how much money you will be paying over the years to make someone richer in Spain, Australia or some other foreign investment group. But the thing that riles me most are the Texas land owners who stand to lose their hard-earned, or even inherited, farmland to those zealous, tax-happy supporters of Texas tollways. Shut ’em up! Vote ’em out! Are you listening Governor Perry?

  34. Albert Andis

    Texan’s Were Blinded-Sided by the Legislature & Governor Rick Perry. While we slept, & failed to vote, the Texas Consturion was Amended to allow for Borrowing (Bonds) in liew of the Original “No State Debt-Spend as you go” Budgeting Requirements.
    This Single Amendment Itself Created the ‘Feed Bag’ that is on the Governors & the Legislatures’ Faces, and is used to Fund Wahever Taxes won’t cover. So now we see ‘Constutional Amendment after Constutional Amenment’ that Allow Addational Bonding, as a continuing modification of Our Constution, because State Spending Exceeds Tax Revenue. We Are Allowing The Austin Legislature to Spend Texas Into Debt “on Borrowed Money” that our grandchildren will still be paying for 75 years, adn even longer in Venue Taxes & Toll concessions.

    We Need to repeel the Amendment To The Texas Constution that allows The government to Borrow Funds and Exceed Spending above expected Tax Revenue. We Need To Vote Down Any New Spending Resolutions in the Form of Bond Amendments to the Constution, Regardles of the Greater Cause. We Cannot Allow the State to Be Bankrupted, while we sleep, and allow it to Follow in the “George W. Bush School of Economics” blueprint, that has Broke The American Financail Infustructure. G.W. Bush has sold most of America to China in the form of Loans, adn put our childerns financial future at great risk. Now Rick Perry (& Company) continue this by selling out Texas to the lowest bidder with the highest penalties, Borrowing Money Today @ great risk to the future economic well being, and no real gaurantee of the State’s ability to pay, based on Tax Revenue and maintain all other Necessary State Committments.

    I Repeat … Write you Legislature & Demand A Repeel of the Constiutional Amendment(s) That Allows the State To Avoind a Pay As You Go Budgetary Reguiremend & will continue to Bankrupt Texas. Start Hee With a Tax Revolt, Take Away The “Free Feed — Feeding Pet Projects”.

  35. abel

    Now you know what they mean by politics poly-which means many and the word tics -blood sucking criters. that`s all they are.

  36. Hugo Connell

    I’ll help man one of the recall petition areas. If they won’t listen to the people its time to replace them with ones that will

  37. James

    We “The People” or “Those People” need to make a change in our government officials starting at the TOP!

  38. Scott

    All of this reminds me of the first billboard on hwy 59 and beltway 8.The billboard read the Texas Trans Corridor will create 3.4 million new jobs in Texas, you know the one with the old rancher in the classic pickup wearing a ten gallon hat. I would drive pass it and think to myself 3.4 million new jobs for new illegals, on top of that own buy foreign investors. Three weeks later I notice they changed the print of the billboard to more jobs in Texas. What happen to the print that read 3.4 million.

  39. Patrick

    281 was just fine until they started building all those houses out there. I live in Comal county, when there was congestion at 281 and 1863, what did they do? Built an overpass, problem solved. Simple solution to a simple problem. San Antonio considers itself to be a metropolis, look to the country folk for a simple solution, all of this toll road fiasco makes San Antonio look like a bunch of idiots. 5 simple bridges and a service road, how hard can it be? Wake up San Antonio.

  40. David Munoz

    Terri, last night was my first meeting. I moved to Stone Oak from San Diego in Oct 07 and after seeing the mess that govt and developers caused on 281, I said my god,what is being done to fix it? Later I found out about The Toll Party on the radio and I thought,YES, things are going to change for the better. But then I learned more about Gov Perry’s dream of tollroads and realized that he was going to ram his dream down our throats whether we liked it or not. He lost my vote in the next election. Did I hear right that Sen. K. Hutchison was or is interested in running against him? I live in Precinct 3, my commissioner is Lyle Larson. Can I sign the recall petitions that are coming out? Keep up the good fight. David.

  41. Glen

    As with all things political (toll roads included) in order for things to be done…outside of the will of We the People is always based on lies, deception and the threat of higher taxes. I have only one question….When do we as the PEOPLE get our country back. I am sick of these damned politicians and bureaucrats dictating to me and all my fellow Americans what is what and by God we are paying for it whether we like it or not. And here we thought extortion and racketeering was illegal. I was a republican…was, but no more because of idiots and conniving scoundrels such as Rick Perry and George Bush.
    Nor have the democrats anything to bring to the table as far as the well being of Texans and as a whole, Americans. It aint just here….its everywhere…it is time NOW to remind these parasites who the hell owns all of this, thats right, WE do. We as the American citizens owns it all and it is high time to remind the help…legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the federal, state and local governments who the owners are and that we are no longer going to be regarded as nothing more than a commodity to generate revenue for some issue or project that shows little or no benefit to the American people. I think once upon a time we were a constitutional republic but those days are long gone. We own it, it’s ours, we paid for it…now it is time for the people of Texas and the rest of the United States to take back peacefully what is rightfully ours…our beloved country. God Bless Texas and the USA

  42. Ramiro Martinez

    I live directly behind the soon to be built tool road. I am tired of the noise as well as the traffice. What is going to happen when they build the toll road. We have been told we will now get our sound barrier. After pulling teeth from the Tx DOT, Homeowners Assoc, and city we come to find out that they will now build it for us home owners. Our wives caught these civil servant having a meeting, which did not appear to make them happy that they were having to answer questions as well as give out information. The main focus of this visit was to find out if our houses were on the chopping block or not. It seems to be that these entities are not divulging all the information that should be passed on to us the people. As mentioned before that who ever designed the way 1604 and 281 merge should have to pay for the correction out of his own pocket because the engineer had his head stuck in the sand or was it done specifically for the future of the tool road. This project is being railroaded down the peoples throat. Most people just want a freeway with overpasses that will fix the stop light problem without slowing traffic but that does not make any money for certain individuals. We just need to take other routes and stay off the toll roads so that if enough of the people that live in this area come together it will work. Houston does had toll roads but people have a choice to take them or not whereas here they are taking a FREEway that has been bought and paided for by the people and are going to make us pay for it many times over. Legal is needed at a federal level but since the time line is so short for construction it will have to be done quickly for the results to be seen. When do you think this road will be sold to an operator for a large sum of money and they run things. It has happen in other parts of the country that the state assets are sold for a lump sum.
    The elected officials have blood on their hands when they deal with this because I am sure that when they are no longer elected official, there new offices with the new operator will be waiting for them at a fat salary made from the tolls.
    It is all the back room meetings that have happen that make you wonder what this is really going to become. I personally think that 7.9 miles is a way for them to tap into the pockets of a select set of homeowners and if sucessful will lead to a building boom of tool roads around the city. This kinda like their pilot program.
    Let see what the condition of the roads that run adjacent/parallel (bulverde/stoneoak) to this new toll road ever see any improvement or widening since they will no doubt try to force people to use the toll road in lieu of the traffic.

  43. Jeff Carruthers

    I am running for County Commissioner, Precinct 3, Bexar County and I am against the toll road. Please cast your vote for me. I am a third party candidate (Libertarian) and like many of you, am tired of the two parties and what they have done to our country. If anyone tells you a vote for third party is a wasted vote, tell them a vote for one of the two primary parties is a wasted vote. Ask them if they are happy with what either party has done. They are both the same. Look at my competitors, both spending at least $250,000 (according to Express News) for an $80,000 something salary. That should tell you something there. I want to thank all of you who have fought this toll road, count me in.

  44. Warren Wagner

    I just sent Terry Hall’s group a second check to fight the toll road agenda and prosecute Alamo RMA, TxDot officials and others for one simple reason: THE TREND OF GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS TO BLANTLY DISREGARD THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE – IS BREATHKING!

    In the San Antonio “Term Limits” agenda where PAC’s have contributed over $700,000 (so far) to again promote being able keep their career politicians on their doll is a assault on our democracy. The mess that career politicians have gotten us into lately in Washington is the ultimate screwing of the American people. $700 billion to bail out Goldman Sacs and $140 billion of pork on top of that should teach us all a lesson! Get rid of the lawyers and the career politicians from dog catcher to president.

    We the “little people” in Bulverde, Texas can start by encouraging groups like Terry Hall has started which uncovered blatant fraud within Alamo RMA and TxDot. Elect stronger leaders who will stand up to TxDot and other corrupt, vendor, union, developer and special interest and not cower to TxDot.

    It’s time we got involved. I never met Terry Hall. I’ve just been watching from the sidelines and sent an anonymous check. Now I’m really, really MAD that fraud has been attempted by Alamo RMA and TxDOT! I’ve HAD IT with these idiots and would like to see some of them in jail!!!

    Why do we continue to put up with this nonsense?

  45. Roseann Maurer

    There are overwhelming numbers against Toll Roads, and so many of the other
    unelected boards, districts, (and now “land use” laws that would save a tiny fish and distroy 80,000 farm workers jobs and prosperous citrus farms as is happening in California this very moment even though our local T.V. and radio stations and newspapers seem to think it’s not very important.) According to famous comedian, Paul Rodriguez, a farm owner, who spoke on a evening talk show on K.T.S.A Radio, authorities just came and turned off the water to one of the most prosperous farming areas in our nation. making us more dependent on foreign countries for some of these same food products. Some Soul-utions: Pray for healing of all of our hearts. But in action, melt the phones and support Turf, and turn off our televisions, at least part of the time. What a shock that would be to the people that depend upon T.V. to sell us our point of view, And even think about organizing groups that will find and support a good “public servant”, that is a regular, honest person who would put in two to four years in a local, county, state or even national job. If all the public jobs are taken by the people who really want to help the people, there will be no room for these other people, who seem to not care what the voters want, (except to throw a little pork out now and then to influence the voters). We can all influence the voters, even if we have to print our own literature to hand out.. We all need to be the essence of calm, patience, and caring, that others cannot paint us as rowdy, or fractious, because we can peacefully win back our rights through trusting in God’s help and taking only peaceful,civilzed action within the framework of what the Founders Fathers laid out for us in the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States of America. That document is so small and yet so powerful in it’s protections of our rights. But many elected officials do not consider whether a law they want to pass is constitutional. As a result, we have Tex Dot, with unelected officials, trying to give away our paid for highways to a Spanish company…Our America has been hit by many storms…But we are still a great flame glowing in the grayness of a Harbor..We are still a country with freedom that many people in other countries only dream of…Not just for ourselves, but for them too, we must keep the flame alive. (Let your light so shine before men that others may see your good works and give glory to God” The Bible)

  46. David Galvan

    Interesting that the list of who voted to toll Texas is not nor probably won’t be published in the Express-News, indeed, in ANY paper in Texas.Would’nt that change the political landscape!

  47. Mindy Stevens

    I wonder how much money our “public servants” actually “self serving servants” made off the toll roads? I’m looking forward to election time!

  48. Prophet

    The only way to prevent electronic vote rigging is to show up in masses and make your voice heard in a way that cannot be reversed with the flip of a switch. There are those that feel they are above you, and feel no remorse for enslaving you under the guise of taxes and freedom of choice.

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