Sample ad Perry could run in his effort to sell Texas to the highest bidder

Well, it’s official. TxDOT has approved its first public-private partnership concession agreement (read about it here) with a foreign-owned company to build, operate, and maintain the southern leg of Hwy 130 as a toll road. They weren’t kidding when they said “Texas is Open for Business” (read about this obscenely crass workshop for the benefit of private industry to encourage the sale of our public highways to the highest bidder here)

Here’s how an ad for the lucrative sweetheart monopolies should read:

Texas is for sale to the highest bidder
Public infrastructure that belongs to Texans can be yours for the taking.
You, too, can get in on the toll road slush fund. All sweetheart deals are negotiated in secret. The public doesn’t know a thing until after the deal is signed. So no messy public input. The icing? We grant 50 year monopolies over our public highways, complete with non-compete agreements so there are no other efficient alternatives, and we even offer concession agreements where you can lease PUBLIC right of way to whatever gas stations, hotels, and businesses you want without competition. C’mon partners, learn the Texas way…it’s taking the country by storm. Foreign companies preferred. American companies need not apply. Get your piece of the pie before it’s all gone!

For more information, contact Transportation Commission Chairman and “Sell Out” Extraordinaire, Ric Williamson.