SPP.gov: Find out why foreign companies are taking over our public infrastructure under the guise of the Security & Prosperity Partnership

Read about www.spp.gov here. For more disturbing information, go to the North America’s Supercorridor Coalition (or NASCO, which our Texas Transportation Commission is a member and the congressional caucus extension of NASCO is where a Bell County Commissioner, Tim Brown, is President) web site www.nascocorridor.com (particularly this page endorsing Perry’s Trans Texas Corridor) and to www.amerocurrency.com.

Dr. Jerome Corsi has written a series of articles putting this partnership in perspective, including how it relates to Perry’s push for toll roads:
Bush quietly orchestrates a NAFTA superhighway from TX to Canada
Docs reveal plan for Mexican trucks in U.S.
Coming soon to U.S.: Mexican customs office
Kansas City Customs Port considered Mexican soil?
Tancredo confronts ‘superstate’ effort
Bush sneaks in ‘superstate’ without oversight?