SPP.gov: Find out why foreign companies are taking over our public infrastructure under the guise of the Security & Prosperity Partnership

Read about www.spp.gov here. For more disturbing information, go to the North America’s Supercorridor Coalition (or NASCO, which our Texas Transportation Commission is a member and the congressional caucus extension of NASCO is where a Bell County Commissioner, Tim Brown, is President) web site www.nascocorridor.com (particularly this page endorsing Perry’s Trans Texas Corridor) and to www.amerocurrency.com.

Dr. Jerome Corsi has written a series of articles putting this partnership in perspective, including how it relates to Perry’s push for toll roads:
Bush quietly orchestrates a NAFTA superhighway from TX to Canada
Docs reveal plan for Mexican trucks in U.S.
Coming soon to U.S.: Mexican customs office
Kansas City Customs Port considered Mexican soil?
Tancredo confronts ‘superstate’ effort
Bush sneaks in ‘superstate’ without oversight?

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  1. Ronda B.

    This is something being kept out of mainstream media! We first heard it on Israel National News with Tamar Yonah interviewing Jerome Corsi, PhD in a story called “Good-bye USA, Hello North American Union?” We contacted Tamar and recieved permission to pass out the interview on CD’s and we can’t keep enough made! Our local newspaper, Gainesville Daily Register did a story on it, but was very skeptical…thinking he would calm the concern, it has backfired and more people are wanting to know more about this! We had our first TxDOT informational meeting on July 10th in Cooke County, Gainesville. The TxDOT representatives at the open house gave the standard answer…we don’t know anything! We don’t know where the road will go, we just know ending in Eastern Cooke County is the prefrerred route. So many citizens came that they have to have a second meeting!!! 🙂 The SPP aspect was brought up by many citizens at the meeting. TTC IS ONLY A BABY STEP TO THE BIG PICTURE!!!! We went from wanting to SAVE OUR COUNTY, to FEARING FOR OUR COUNTRY!!!! Even if we get TTC out of Cooke County, the BIG PICTURE…US/MEXICO/CANADA becoming one by 2010!!! THIS HAS TO GET OUT AND BE STOPPED!!!!! PLEASE RESEARCH THIS YOURSELF!!! CNN’s LOU DOBBS and GLENN BECK have been talking about this too!!! Many talk-radio shows are covering it too! The http://www.cfr.org site bears reading too! Read the Robert Pastor proposal for a “North American Community” Do a search on the cfr site and you will find plenty of info. on superstate, super highway and TTC! This is scary stuff, guys! We need to stop it! Write your elected officials all the way to the top! Geri Word, from Dept. Of Commerce needs to be contacted on this as well! We need the information released! Please research and do your part!!! No wonder IMMIGRATION issues are out of control! Part of the plan!!! UGH!!!!

  2. Geoff. Waterhouse

    Dear Sirs,
    I thought you might find this article of interest,if you have not already seen it. I am English and I was very inrigued by the first sentence of the article as this is what happened in England during the “Thatcher Privatisation Era.” The phone company,gas (natural not petrol) industry etc were all “sold” to Joe Public whose parents and grand parents had paid for the industries in the first place. How true it is “The Rich get RICHER and the poor get screwed.”
    Geoff. Waterhouse

    Foreign Companies Buy U.S. Roads, Bridges.

  3. j n knight

    If the public cannot have a say about Texas Highways and Toll Roads, then let’s do away with the 20 cents per gallon gasoline State Tax!!!

    Vote No Toll Roads In Texas!!!!!

    J N Knight

  4. Ron..M

    Im listening to Dr. Corsi right now on Coast to Coast with George Norey and im in shock at what im hearing. What will we do, I cant see a Texas cattle owner ever giving up his ranch for a highway to come into America run by Spain. Our government is behind this. They are selling us out, take the blinders off people. I see a revolution in the future, Im not going to sit around and let this happen. Read his book, The Late Great USA by Dr. Jeromne Corci, you will be floored.

  5. Andy R

    I believe it’s getting down to the real stuff here pretty soon. The subprime market collaps is just a step towards the big USD collaps that will happen within a few years time, that will force US, Canada and Mexico into the Amero and ultimately to the North American Union. Inform yourself now.

  6. Andy R

    The subprime market collapse is just another step towards the inevitable collapse of the US dollar which many believe will be the trigger to create the Amero and North American Union. These are important matters that people should be aware of as it may change a lot of things as we see them today. http://www.amero.am is a knowledge and resource web site for you to read, vote and discuss these important matters.

  7. Donald J. Roberts

    I am a veteran; fought for this country as we know it. The Bush Administration
    and the Trilateral Commision should be stopped. Since Pres. Carter, this has all been planned. There are over 20 million veterans in this country and we should all arm ourselves and remove these bastards who are trying to control this so-called New World Order. Each and every one of us should tell our friends, co-workers and church groups about this secret treasonist act by Pres. George Bush, and this Administration. Congress isn’t much better. They have sat on their donkeys and have done nothing. They, congress, as a hole, yes, I said a dirty hole, should be cleaned out! Each and every member of Congress has been convicted of one crime or another. Stop this now!

  8. Stephen Richardson

    I live at 281 & Comel county line. Three months before anouncing toll roads 281 “suddenly” started backing up. Issue 3 trafic lights north of 1604. The outer two lights set for 90 seconds and the middle one for 75 seconds (very effectual hour glass result). Center Light (Evans) has 3 physical lanes with short left turn lane spliting off. Traffic backups up on 281 trying to trun left with back up half way between it to next light for cars turning left, right lane is turn only therefore cars race down it then block the second lane to force their way in to the front of the line (result 1 lane of almost free trafic flow). Mere coincedenct right. There is almost never a backup after clearing the center light and flows freely through the third light in both directions. Solution 1. Set all lights on 281 to minimum 90 seconds (120 perferable), 2. Expand left turn to two lanes similar to Stone Oak, 3. install lane barrier between first (turn) & second lane to stop last minute line butters and stop cars coming out of old (ex) HEB shopping center that blocks first two lanes trying to get out instead of going to Evans RD.

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