Senate votes to gouge citizens with "market based" tolls

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The Governor got nearly every taxpayer protection added in the House STRIPPED from the bill, SB 792. SB 792 protects corporate bidders more than the taxpayers left holding the bag! There were more legislators during what little debate that was allowed on this bill, defending the rights of corporations than their constituents! The House conferees CAVED just like the Senate. This Legislature has more regard for the will of a tantrum-throwing dictator Governor than for the PEOPLE of Texas they’re elected to represent. This bill opens up horrific UNdebated public policy that will cost Texans billions in transportation TAX INCREASES by a REPUBLICAN majority, no less! Let the TAXPAYER REVOLT, ANTI-INCUMBENT movement begin! Literally at this point, the ONLY good guy truly fighting FOR US, unwilling to cave is Representative Nathan Macias! We worked the House all day Friday to make sure many will join him!


Texas Senate unanimously votes to fleece motorists with market-based TOLLS
Cave to Governor, off to summer vacation!

Friday, May 25, 2007 – The Texas Senate unanimously passed SB 792 which is a vote to fleece the taxpayers through the HIGHEST POSSIBLE TOLLS. Bottom line SB 792 is a counterfeit moratorium because this Governor snuck in a way to charge us “market rate” on ALL tolls projects from now on. Traditional turnpikes are now off the table. “market-based” tolling has Transportation Commission Chair Ric Williamson’s fingerprints all over it, and that will bankrupt the traveling public. SB 792 means the HIGHEST POSSIBLE TOLLS for our citizens.

“It does us no good if 281/1604 are some of the few highways in the private toll moratorium if they can still use our public toll authority to do the same thing. Our victory comes in the power of us sending a shot across the bow to this Governor and TxDOT that they’re tricks are no longer under the radar. The jig is up, and they’re in for an even bigger fight next session,” said Terri Hall, Founder/Director of Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom. “There was full disclosure on this bill. We made sure they knew what they were voting on. We know what our senators negotiated in a back room deal and they sold us out. Plain and simple. There will be a price to pay, because paying oppressively high tolls for roads we’ve already paid for, will not soon be forgotten. We’ll take it to the ballot box.”

“We will not accept market-based highways and TxDOT demanding concession fees just like Cintra. The PEOPLE’S BILL (HB 1892) was passed with 169-5 combined vote. But our Legislature didn’t mean it, especially Senators John Carona, Tommy Williams, and Kim Brimer who simply played the grassroots like a fiddle and used us and our bill as leverage to broker a deal with a detested Governor. Even Ex- Transportation Commissioner Robert Nichols voted for this nightmare. Carona’s March 1 hearing (read about it here) was a sham, and he spit in the face of Texans with this bill. They knew HB 1892 would never become law. They cut a deal with the Governor to stab the taxpayers in the back. We’re not finished, but some of their political careers are,” steams Hall.

“They all whimped out,” states Hall. “But our drumbeat will not and cannot be squelched.”

William Lutz of the Lone Star Report in an article on the ramifications of SB 792 notes:

“A further flaw is it allows continuation of current policy, whereby the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) may require up-front ‘concession fees’ in exchange for building some new toll projects. The tolls that pay these concession fees are taxes, not user fees, because concession fees result in tolls over and above the amount required to build and maintain the road. Since the fees are paid back over time from toll revenue, it increases the burden of debt on our children and grandchildren.

In short, concession fees, which are continued by the ‘market valuation’ language in SB 792, allow the government to raise taxes and do off-budget spending in a manner concealed to the public and without proper legislative oversight and authorization.”

“The grassroots will not stand idly by and allow Rick Perry and Ric Williamson’s market-based incarnation of extorting money from the traveling public to drive on highways we’ve already built and paid for. We will not let this Governor unleash a whole new policy initiative hatched in some back room deal with legislators who lack spines. Market value means highest possible tolls. It doesn’t really matter if it’s the public or private sector doing it, concession fees fleece the taxpayer. At a time when gas prices are at or over $3.00 a gallon, this policy is as foolish as it is sinister. It will bankrupt motorists and, in turn, the State,” Hall concludes. “This is NOT over.”


Trans Texas Corridor alignment I-69 is already exempted in this bill. These politicians may think they will go home and say they got a moratorium under SB 792, and then TTC-69 hearings will start and the fury will begin. The way the market valuation section reads, it says the money will be used in the region, in counties contiguous to the tolling entity’s boundaries. Let it be put on the record that this means they can use market valuation money to build TTC 35 segments in Guadalupe & Wilson Counties (Seguin, Floresville, St. Hegwig) and the areas touching Houston and Dallas for either TTC 69 or TTC 35. Concession fees will also free up gas tax money that can then be applied to TTC segments that are not toll viable.

Where have our leaders gone? The way of HB 3588 from 2003. Many legislators opined that they didn’t know what they were voting on then, and later realized as Senator Kevin Eltife declared, “we created a monster in TxDOT.” Carona and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst expressed an apparently false rage over skyhigh toll rates (read it here) and yet orchestrated a bill that does just that. Rep. Warren Chisum said, “TxDOT is an agency run amok.”

“Just like in 2003, completely new language got stuck in a HUGE bill at the end of a session, they voted on it before anyone even read what was in it, and the Governor and his senate friends railroaded it through giving us more cow dung to undo next session,” complained Hall.

“HB 1892 is good public policy, it’s the people’s bill, it slows down this toll train, and allows us to truly study the ramifications of transportation policy before making it law. Yet our senators caved to Mr. 39% voting for a counterfeit bill, SB 792, weakened the power of the Legislature, and likely ended their political careers in so doing,” states Hall.

The best independent analysis of the consequences of SB 792 here.


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  1. Joe Stillwell

    I among others will not vote for any democrat or republican in office at this time, if we are forced to travel on toll roads that are nothing but a slap in the face to the people that elected you all into office. I believe that the simple way to defuse this problem is to put it to a state wide vote.
    You all are treating us like little kids that do not have capable minds to make our own decisions.
    I was proud to be a Texan, I have seen the tragedies of over building, in Los Angels, New York, Detroit, etc. My wife and I came back from living in L.A. Let me tell you living on wall to wall cement is not fun, you can drive from L.A. to the desert and never see anything but cement highway overpasses.
    And now more than ever we need to conserve our natural resources. How many acres are going to come under the earth movers.How much fuel is going to be used and who is going to pay for it ? Is TxDOT going to pay what we pay? How far are you willing to go? Families will be greatly affected by this.
    I for one will not be using those roads. I will find another way to go to New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Austin. I refuse to pay $4.00 or more a gallon for gas and $1.50 a mile to drive on a toll road that I did not want in the first place.
    I still love my Texas , but I don’t have to like Perry or the capital where Thieves work only for theirselves.

  2. j n knight

    If the public cannot have a say about Texas Highways and Toll Roads, then let’s do away with the 20 cents per gallon gasoline State Tax!!!

    Vote No Toll Roads In Texas!!!!!

    J N Knight

  3. Judy Keck

    To whom it applies… Thanks Alot…..Republican Senators in particular. Your Betrayal of Texans may well cause you to be replaced and/or to lose Majority Status as it did the “tin ear” arrogant Wimps of the GOP US Senate & House.
    No doubt, many Texans are busy, unenvolvedand & clueless, now, wait till they all wake up to the realities of paying through the nose to drive on our own roads, and with the current price of gasoline..
    As for your pandering to our dictator Govenor… Add insult to injury when pressure from Perry inspires you all to legislate away Texan’s right to a Public Hearing regarding our tax funded road projects…TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION…are you all faciltating this wonderful state into becoming the Socialist Republic of Texas???
    Don’t worry, we won’t forget what you all have done for us, so far…..Now,
    have yourselves a terrific summer vacation at the expense of Texas tax payers….

  4. Ruth Bodner

    I am from New York, Bronx. I came here to San Antonio because it still had lot of green left to look at (natural land). I have lived in Los Angeles for 7 years and in Hampton, Virginia for 14 years. Now, the beauty that I have come to love in San Antonio will become just like other cities. It is sad. Very sad. I will not use the toll roads.

  5. Gary Conner

    I cannot wait to vote against Wentworth, who disregarded the will of the People. Too bad this State doesn’t allow for recall elections of those who are selling our State to foreign interests.

    Also, I can’t wait to vote against Patrick “Little Ricky” Rose, for selling us out also. Globalist operatives for the Cintra/King of Spain. How vapid of ethics.

    I will work hard against them next elections, and urge all my friends, customers, and family to do the same.

  6. TexasWizard

    It’s time to find a way to recall Governor pretty boy. There’s 61% of the voters who don’t want him.

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