Some progress with Wentworth…baby steps, but BIG IMPACT!

This is the POWER of the ballot box, folks. The toll road Ric Williamson, Frank Corte, Carter Casteel, Nelson Wolff, Bill Thornton, David Casteel, Richard Perez, Art Hall, Chip Haass, and Kevin Wolff said was a done deal and that we had to live with it, we had no choice, has now stepped beyond just a temporary halt; we’re reversing course and heading in the right direction!

Feast your eyes on these letters (PDF here). The first from our two County Commissioner heroes, Larson and Adkisson (Also see previous blog on their letter), and the next two from Wentworth who is sticking his tippy toes into the water seeing the tidal wave of public disdain coming in this election year and he wants to be on the right side of the fall out! We expect to see more wise politicians who want to keep their jobs jump on board and start supporting our cause. Thanks to Commisisoner Adkisson and LULAC, we should now be garnering a second senator’s support, Senator Frank Madla . He’s committed to writing a similar letter to Williamson at TxDOT. We’re turning the tide and we’re winning because were Texans on the side of good government and keeping freeways FREE. We’re shining the light on corruption in the pursuit of justice and right! Keep up the fight!