To vote or not to vote, that is the question???

It seems there’s some confusion out there about whether to vote in the primaries due to Strayhorn running as an Independent. Here’s the deal. If your district has ANY contested primary race (more than one candidate for a single office), VOTE in your Party’s primary, especially if you have the chance to UNSEAT A TOLLER! That means we need you to vote for Nathan Macias in District 73 to unseat Carter Casteel, Enrique Barrera in Precinct 2, and Larry Ricketts in District 118. Those who DO NOT have contested primary races (meaning candidates with no opponent from within the same Party) can choose to not vote March 7 in order to later sign the petition to get Strayhorn on the ballot in November. Please contact me if you still have questions:

See our list of candidate endorsements here.
To find out your district.