Toll roads create second class citizens

Yet another HUGE downside to tolling Texas is that it puts upward mobility further out of reach for economically disadvantaged and middle class folks. What’s truly amazing is that our southside councilmen and commissioners fail to recognize how paying a toll to get to work on the northside where much of the job growth is will negatively impact the life and economic opportunties of their constituents. Their choice: pay a toll or sit in unbearable congestion. For many there will not be a choice; they simply can’t afford the extra cost, especially with 40% higher fuel costs in just the last year.

I’ve talked with many northside business owners who express concern over their employees’ ability to get to work. Some have shared that their employees have already said they will have to quit their jobs if they face tolls to get to work. The high gas prices have already taken a “toll” on their take home pay. WOAI news explores this much unheralded and damaging economic impact of the current toll plans.

WOAI story here.