TxDOT leaves 281, 1604 out of its "most congested" list

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Here’s more proof that TxDOT politicizes transportation policy. It notably leaves 281 north of 1604 and 1604 at Braun Rd. off its list of the top 100 most congested roads in Texas. Anyone with a pulse knows 281 and 1604 are two of the the most congested areas in San Antonio. Considering TxDOT’s own traffic assessments of 281 and 1604 have been at the worst level of congestion, traffic level F (the worst rating), for years, this “Top 100 Most Congested Roads” list is suspect at best.

It also shows that just as a political poll can get the results the authors want it to, TxDOT’s data can yield the results it seeks to push it’s agenda. Ironically, if 281 and 1604 aren’t measuring on its most congested list, and toll roads require congestion to work, TxDOT may have inadvertently made our case against toll roads!

TX-DoT Releases List Of State’s Most Congested Roadways
By Christian Bove
KTSA Newsradio 550
September 2, 2009

The Texas Department of Transportation has released a list of the most congested roadway segments in the state, and you may be surprised by which local segment didn’t make the list.

TX-DoT used methodology developed by the Texas Transportation Institute to identify the 100 most congested roadway segments on the state highway system.

“Total in Bexar County there are eight roadway segments that were identified as being among the top one-hundred most congested in the state,” said TX-DoT Spokesperson Karen Amacker.

A segment of I-35 from Highway 281 to Highway 90 topped the list for Bexar County as the tenth most congested segment in the state.

One local segment which didn’t appear anywhere on the top 100 list is Highway 281 outside Loop 1604.

“I understand when you’re frustrated and sitting in your car, you think that is the most congested road anywhere. I’ve been there, but sometimes other places seem to have it worse.” said Amacker.

You can find the entire list on TX-DoT’s website.

3 Replies to “TxDOT leaves 281, 1604 out of its "most congested" list”

  1. Bob Haag

    TxDot is showing its stupidity again. But what can you expect from such an illegal, unlawful organization. It’s beauracy at its finest. Hwy 281 north outside 1604 is a joke. TxDot has messed with the timing of the lights to make this section of highway almost impassable. They should have put up bridges and overpasses when the bond referendum was passed many years ago instead of spending the money on indigents. TxDot needs to go to jail for stealing tax payer money. Bridges and overpasses NOW!

  2. Henrietta Le Sage

    I would like to know when this count was taken. During the summer months or from August to June?

    It takes me over 35 minutes to drive 3.7 miles in the morning going south on 281. Traffic now backs up just before I reach what used to be Mouse’s Restaurant.!!

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